Education has become more and more accessible as the internet and smart devices have become a part of everyday life. As these two inventions grew, so did the world of online educational apps.

There are apps for children of every age and for anything that they may be interested in. From math to science to even coding, your kid can begin learning or continue their education.

There are so many to choose from. Therefore, we decided to share our choice for five of the best educational games for kids.

5 Best Educational Games For Kids

Engaging a young mind is difficult, especially with so many distractions lying around. Whether it is video games, TV, or simply scrolling through Tik Tok, there is something that could potentially pull their attention from the books around every corner. 

However, there are tons of great educational games for kids out there, but these are some of the best.

Duolingo – Learning Languages

Ages – 10+

Cost – Free (Duolingo Plus [ad free] – $6.99/month)

DownloadApple Store or Google Play Store

Duolingo is a simple and fun app that your kid can use to begin learning a new language. There is a wide range of languages (over 30) offered, and it is free to download and use. 

The app uses a game-like set up with different exercises to keep your child engaged and learning. From visual to auditory, the app covers almost every form of learning. 

DragonBox – Math

Ages – 4+

Cost – $9.99+

DownloadApple Store or Google Play Store

DragonBox is a series of educational games that are centered around building your child’s math skills. There are five different games that start with simple math and work their way up to algebra. 

No matter the age of the kid, this app can help them with math. The app isn’t free, but once you have paid the initial fee, there are no new in-app purchases. 

Science360 – Science

Ages – 8+

Cost – Free


Created by the National Science Foundation, this app is perfect for use with a tablet. The app is full of amazing videos and images, and it is updated weekly. 

The content is developed and uploaded from universities and scientists around the globe. It is also fitted with a 360-degree view so that, as the kids are learning, they can see the scientific models and concepts fully.

Spelling Stage – Spelling

Ages – 4+

Cost – Free

Download Apple Store

With fun graphics and a series of levels to conquer, your child from preschool onward can use this app to improve their spelling. The child is able to win wardrobe rewards and customize their character with each one. This helps move them through the game as they conquer harder and harder words. 

The interface is easy to use, and with tons of word categories, your child will be enhancing their vocabulary the fun way. This may lead to better retention and grammar skills later on in their education. 

Lightbot: Code Hour – Coding

Ages – 8+

Cost – Free

Download Apple Store or Google Play Store

Computer programming and coding is a great skill to have in this modern world. It can be used in many different careers, so why not get your kids started early?

This Lightbot app helps kids get a fundamental understanding of coding, as well as the logic that is used to write that code. Through a series of levels, the player has to get Lightbot through different pathways. It is a fun but non-overwhelming way to get your kids interested in the world of coding. 


In order to keep your kid engaged with learning, a good education game needs to be fun and interactive. They need to almost feel as if they aren’t learning, and that is the key to the five choices we picked. It is very evident that finding games or videos that are fun and educational for kids is getting easier and easier. 

The five game options we have chosen above cover the worlds of languages, math, spelling, science, and computer science. Hopefully, there is something for your kid amongst them.