Most businesses have no understanding of what sustainability means. A sustainable business is one whose actions and purpose are equally grounded in environmental, social, and financial concerns.

But it is quite unfortunate that the road to sustainability for most businesses is not an easy one.

Hence, these five tips will enable you to shape a sustainable future for both the company and your community, as well.

Your Business Should Be Built on Belief

You can change everything about your business apart from your beliefs. Business based on beliefs is about value creation. If your business beliefs are more specific, you should consider localizing your business.

If they are time-bound, revisiting your business mission might be the only way out. Keep in mind that it has to be in sync with what you plan to do to drive value.

Always Embrace Change

When you accept change and act pretty fast, you will be the brightest, most significant, and boldest unicorn. On the other hand, if you remain stunted and don’t change or adapt to new situations, then you might be headed to extinction.

A case in point is IBM, which got close to extinction in the 80s. The bottom line is, you should never let yourself stand still. You might be having a great idea, but this will not hold water until you find ways to sell your idea to the market quickly.

Focus on Value Proposition

It’s not that the technology built was not the best. It is about figuring out the right strategies that drive sales in terms of what exactly your clients are looking for. So, if you get your timings wrong and lose touch with the value proposition, chances are, you will get completely lost.

Don’t ever forget the fact that at the end of it all, your business purpose should be to drive purpose to your customers. All you have to do is focus on your high capabilities and value for people. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert at everything; it’s all about value creation with the resources at hand.

Comfort and Growth Do Not Co-Exist

We are no longer living in the 60s or 70s; everything is changing under our watch. And the same is true for businesses; they are going through a massive shift. The blame shouldn’t be put on technology because the technology industry is creating changes in almost every industry. If you are a banker, your competitors are different; this is different if you are a retailer.

This is true with people dealing with mobiles; you realize that it’s no longer an industry but rather a platform that keeps revolving. Likewise, your business should focus on delivering value to customers’ innovative value.

Excel in a Specific Area

What matters most is being part of an ecosystem instead of delivering to every client in every place. You might have a smooth start, but this eventually becomes hard in the long run. Another advantage of ecosystems is you become part of many ecosystems. In some, you might consider a smaller player, in others, a significant player.


If you are looking to grow a sustainable business, you must have your priorities in order. You must also be willing to accept change and adapt to the world in which we live. Good luck with your business! Click here for advice on financial planning.