Planning a wedding is a difficult task, and it gets even more stressful when you are working within a tight budget. Weddings can become huge productions. The wedding industry knows this and takes this opportunity to charge a pretty penny for everything you may need for your special day. Have you ever noticed how much more expensive a wedding cake is than a birthday cake?

Though it is easy to rack up a bill when planning a wedding, it can also be easy to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget. However, it does take some special thought and consideration. But there is no reason to start your marriage in debt from your wedding. 

Our simple tips will not only help you cut on costs but also help create an unforgettable experience for both you and your partner. Luckily, these tips don’t feel like sacrifices, and without wasting much of your time, let’s get right to the points.


Invite Fewer People

Although you might feel the urge to invite the whole clan to your wedding, this is not always the best idea. All these people will make your wedding more costly. Some people feel obliged to invite people they don’t even know well. To cut on your costs, invite as few people as possible. Working with a few family and friends will make your wedding more intimate and colorful. Plus, you don’t want to spend your wedding day having to chat with people you don’t really know that well.

Have Your Wedding At Home Or Outdoors

If you have a big garden where you can hold your ceremony, why spend more money renting another venue? Wedding venues are costly and you could have it at home, at your parents, or at a friend’s house instead. If not, consider a park that has a beautiful view.

However, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to have a backup in case there is bad weather. The last thing you want is to have all your guests dripping wet. Have a tent on standby just in case the weather changes. This will save you a lot of embarrassment and frustrations on your wedding day.

Do Your Own Catering

If you have a friend or close family member who can handle the catering services, ask for their help. This is cheaper than hiring caterers. However, if this is not your forte, you can look out for affordable family-owned restaurants within your community. Family-owned restaurants not only offer pocket- friendly services, but they also go the extra mile of making sure everything runs smoothly.

Minimize Flowers

You might have had a fairytale wedding dream of having a lot of flowers everything on your special day, but this can be extremely costly. Instead, go minimal, simple, and elegant. For instance, you can choose to give your bridesmaids a single rose or a bouquet of greenery instead.

There is a lot of information available on the internet for simple bouquet DIYs; you can go for that and make it unique. You can even ask your husband-to-be to help you craft it. This will be sentimental to both of you. Alternatively, opt for artificial flowers, they are cheaper than fresh ones. Don’t be surprised if no one notices that you used artificial flowers, they are made with exceptional craftsmanship these days.

Do Away With Groomsmen And Bridesmaid Gifts

This is another idea to help you cut down on your wedding costs. Giving your groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts is not a necessity. After all, if they are your close friends, they will understand that you were working on a tight budget. You can even send them individual notes to say “thanks”. Often times, a heartfelt note means much more than any other gift.


Bottom Line

Overall, try to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t expect everything to be perfect; things happen and what is most important is that you and your partner enjoy the day. Make sure to appoint a committee or a few people to be on a lookout in case anything goes wrong. Otherwise, congratulations, and we wish you luck!