With so many mobile games coming out in recent months, one has to think about which ones are the best? Among Us is a highly successful online game of strategy.

It is currently available for download through the Google Play store and the App Store. While the game is very simple, the fun dynamics of hiding as an imposter while players try to deal with the anonymity is surprisingly difficult. 

Here are some things that players can learn in order to win the game. Read on to learn about these tips for Among Us.

Among Us - See Tips for Always Winning the Game
Image Source: PC Gamer

Vote Wisely

Voting is very crucial in this mobile game. Players might end up voting off the wrong person, which leaves the team even more vulnerable to the imposter. When in doubt, players can always skip the vote. 

However, some instances would lead players to raise a few eyebrows. Weigh in on your chances before voting. It may lower your chances of winning, at the very least you are still one of the few to survive, and you can fight another day.

Always Move in Groups

The best possible way to avoid getting killed by the imposter is to move in groups. Sticking together while communicating properly about the tasks will help increase your odds of surviving. 

Imposters will not have a chance to terminate a member if they are always together. As an imposter, you would also want to try and play along. Help a crew member with the tasks. Once they are alone, you can finally strike.

Use Emergency Meetings As Much As Possible

Emergency meetings are commonly used to gather together to find out which one is the imposter. This is also a great time to strategize properly and seek out who has more information and who feels like holding something back. 

Oftentimes, emergency meetings are called unexpectedly leaving little time for imposters to create alibis to cover their deed. Take this time to seek the truth amongst the crew members and use it to vote out the imposter.

Fix Sabotage

Every time an alert happens, feel free to fix it yourself. However, there will be times that this could be a trap from the imposter so always move around the ship in groups to protect yourself.

Take Initiative

As an imposter, players might want to be proactive with the conversation after defeating a crew member. Never wait for something to go wrong. 

Get in touch with the next member and start a conversation immediately. Ask where the player went or what tasks did the player do. 

This provides a blanket of security to avoid getting caught. If ever you get caught, avoid getting defensive. Instead, keep calm and use logical words to explain your alibi.

Fun Ways to Defeat Players

Among Us - See Tips for Always Winning the Game
Image Source: Steam

If you are the imposter, one fun way to defeat players is to act like you’re away from your keyboard. Simply stand still and let the others do their tasks. 

The crew will leave you alone thinking you are just standing there. Once you have an isolated player, immediately terminate and act as if you are back in the game.

Another strategy is to use the vents. Players are sometimes unaware that they can also use the vents to traverse through the ship. This allows imposters to sneak in and out of the area unnoticed.


Games don’t need to be heavy on the graphics or mechanics to be enjoyable. All it needs is a fun and simple premise that you can enjoy together with your friends

These rules will help prevent the imposter from succeeding or help cover up your game. These tips for winning allow players to have an exceptional time being a crew member or an imposter.