Nowadays, parents tend to limit their children’s screen time and make them focus on reading books and other activities. However, using technological advancements might be ideal since many mobile apps can help kids learn reading and develop vocabulary skills. Mobile device reading apps are what you need.

Smartphones and tablets became indispensable these days, and kids love using them. Besides games and social media, there are other applications that might teach something to your children.

Learning tools can help preschoolers and kindergartners improve their reading skills, spelling, vocabulary, and so on.

Khan Academy Kids

This app is available for Android, Fire OS, and iOS. It’s ideal for kids. Khan Academy Kids comes with a lot of reading activities for beginners. It’s based on provable learning techniques for preschoolers.

Based on games to trace letters and copy words, the application is perfect for young kids. Foundational Reading Skills is also a part of this app that is one of the best reading apps on mobile devices.

Kid Mode: Play + Learn: Multiple Reading Skills

Available for Android and Kindle Fire, this app is excellent and has won many awards for its category. The application uses attractive games based on cartoon characters for kids to learn the alphabet.

With characters from popular PBS Kids, Teletubbies, Disney, Winnie the Pooh cartoons, and many more, the application is lovable for children.

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is designed for K-3 and comes for all devices, and it even includes a web-based variant. Unite for Literacy is useful for early readers and comes with over 400 non-fiction books.

More than 25 percent of the pieces are also available in Spanish, besides English. Kids can either read with narration or not. The creations available in the app are mostly revolving around nature, including plants, animals, weather, and so on.

ABC Letter Tracing: Alphabet

This one is one of the best reading apps that’s exclusively available on iOS-based devices. The application features an attractive game that helps young ones learn reading and writing the alphabet.

It also sports narration, making it even more engaging for young children. It’s mostly designed for preschoolers.

Sight Words List: Vocabulary

Sight Words List: Vocabulary is also available only on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The application helps kids learn how to read the most frequently-used words and improve their vocabulary.

The app comes with 315 sight words that are cataloged by their respective age range. Parents can also add new words to the application and even record them with their voice. That’s quite helpful for teaching new words to your kids.

ICDL Books for Children: Free Books

Also available exclusively for iOS devices, ICDL Books for Children: Free Books is suitable for K-5 grades. It includes thousands of picture books from over 60 countries. The mission of the ICDL Foundation is to make a better world by helping kids easily learn how to read, write, and talk.

The foundation tries to achieve its goals by presenting different cultures to the kids around the world. It is an impressive mission, and the ICDL Books for Children app is indeed engaging.

Your Library’s Book App

Mobile reading apps are not the only way to help your kids learn how to read and improve their vocabulary skills. Nowadays, the digital universe also offers eBooks, and many online libraries provide several free eBooks that can help your kids learn better.

OverDrive, Libby (from OverDrive), Hoopla, EBSCO eBooks, and RBdigital are just a few examples. Access your favorite library and get the preferred app or ebook.

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

This app encourages preschoolers to learn the alphabet, read, and speak words. It is a 100 percent free application that is based on exciting games that revolve around the Tommy Turtle character.

Kids will easily learn the letters, sounds, and how to blend them into words. Your child will quickly learn the alphabet, and he/she will enjoy doing that thanks to the in-app games.


In conclusion, there are many reading apps designed for every operating system and platform in the world. Most of these applications are based on games that engage the children and keep them interested. They will efficiently learn reading and improving their vocabulary skills in no time.