These days, it seems there is an app for almost everything. There is even an app that rewards you for the number of steps you take, how cool is that?  With the apps in this article, you can sell unwanted items in your house and even complete surveys. Who knows, maybe you could also find your next side hustle here.

The good news is that these apps are readily available, easy to use, and simple to sign up for. There is more to smartphones than merely making calls or checking social media. There are also opportunities to make money from anywhere in the world.

Here are our top ticks of apps that can help you make extra cash. Download them and see which ones are most suitable for your money-making needs. If you have any of the apps below, consider your travel costs paid for


The app that helps you make money selling your travel photos is none other than Foap. The beauty with this app is that you don’t need to sell to anyone who will only pay pennies. Rather, you can sell to big brands like Visit Sweden and Heineken, who use your photos for their digital marketing campaigns. The best part is that you can sell the same photo to several buyers, earning $5 each time.

If there are any particular requests from companies, they will be highlighted as “Missions.” If you are lucky and your photo is selected under a mission, you will earn an extra $100.


If you are within the United States traveling from one part of the country to another, Roadie is the right app to have. This app helps you earn money by making deliveries along routes you are already going. If you are making local deliveries, you will earn between $8 to $50. For long distances, you can make up to $700. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, download this app, and start earning money.


This is the same concept as Roadie, but for plane travel. If you are traveling and, by any chance, you have free space in your suitcase, you can pack extra items that need to be transported overseas. Acting as a mule, you will receive 80% of the sender’s fees. However, keep in mind that you can earn more when you are leaving within 48 hours or if you have to pick-up the luggage yourself.

As of now, the app is only available to people traveling within the U.S.,U.K., and China. However, there is hope for expansion to other countries as demand increases.

Field Agent

If you are the adventurous type, be sure to use Field Agent. This app allows you to earn money for running errands on behalf of other people. The app is only currently available to residents of Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, South Africa, Romania, and Australia. After downloading, create your user profile for the particular country you are traveling in. The app uses geolocation to find gigs near you. Further, you can earn up to $15 for quick tasks such as checking displays in stores or picking up items.

Bottom Line

If you have a smartphone or computer, there is a lot more you can use them for than just scrolling through social media. Head over to your app store and download any of these apps to start earning. We wish you the best of luck!