In the early stages of raising a child, things might get a little puzzling. You might find yourself thinking when was the last time your baby ate and you may have found yourself trying to figure out if they’re hitting their milestones. 

Thanks to technology, you can do a lot less wondering and be more sure of what’s going on with your baby. In this digital world, you can track your baby’s development better than ever before. 

While you can still attend mom groups and listen to your health nurse, you can also use the tech approach. One of these approaches is installing apps to track baby development and growth. Learn how to download and use some of them below. 

Apps to Track Baby Development: Learn How to Download and Use
Image Source: The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks – $3.99

The Wonder Weeks inform you when to expect certain behaviors in the life of your baby. That includes when they cry a lot, sleep poorly, and cling to you. It also gives you knowledge so that you can support your baby in their mental development.

You can explore the developmental milestones of your baby with this app by learning more about the 10 mental leaps and having an insight into the leap. You can also understand which signs your baby can show and what skills your baby now has. 

Additionally, it offers tips to benefit your baby. You can also witness the leaps for yourself by doing enjoyable activities and keep track of your baby’s growth and milestones in your diary. The unique leaps schedule tells you when a leap starts and ends.

By adding a Wi-Fi baby monitor; an English audiobook; and an e-book written in other languages, you can extend the functionality of this app. A variety of white noises, calming music, and stimulating sounds can also be included to help your baby feel sleepy.

Baby Connect – $4.99

One of the most robust baby tracking apps on the market is Baby Connect. It is accessible on all mobile channels and on the web (your babysitter or daycare does not need a phone to access and input your baby’s data). 

It has interactive reports and trend charts, weekly averages, prescriptions, vaccination, timers, alerts, emails, export .csv, a simple interface, limitless data, and enables you to share details with your partner, babysitter, nanny or daycare whenever and wherever.

Not only can you track feedings, breastfeeding, naps, milestones, diapers, pumping, but also the baby’s mood, what kind of game he plays, his GPS location, temperature, and pictures can be added. It’s kind of like your baby’s dashboard

It can consolidate information on each device with other permitted Baby Connect Applications. You can still connect to your account at with a browser or with another phone if you change or lose your phone, so no information is lost.

Apps to Track Baby Development: Learn How to Download and Use

Glow Baby – Free

You can now get anything you need for your newborn baby, all-in-one, through the Glow Baby app, if you want a diaper log, a breastfeeding tracker, a nursing timer, a teething log, or a solid tracker. 

You can monitor activities like indoor and outdoor play, tummy time, and bath time of your baby. You can note when each baby tooth comes in, in terms of your little one’s teething, and take notes about any signs he/she can feel with the teething.

The baby milestone logging helps you to keep on top of everything from your breastfeeding timer to the feeding log of your baby. You can also get detailed PDF overviews of the baby’s sleep schedule, feeding logs, interactive development charts, and more.

Whenever you log in, you can also view and share advice on a baby’s sleep routine and other helpful parenting tips. Also, this baby tracker is so simple to use, and while spending time with your adorable baby, you can begin filling up your family album with beautiful images.


Thanks to technology we can get our hands on a whole lot of information that we couldn’t before. Your mobile phone is no longer a device for just making phone calls, it’s a library.

There are a lot of Android apps that you can download to give you all sorts of baby information. Like the ones above they can make your life as a parent more simple.