If cable TV isn’t your thing, then you need to need to know about the top apps to watch TV online in Australia. If you are planning a weekend of chilling with friends, these apps are going to help you out. You don’t have to rely on what is just going to pop up on TV because you are in control.

And let’s all agree, a great hang out session on the weekend should include a movie marathon or two. And it should be completed with a Sunday spent binge-watching your favourite series. It’s the unwritten tradition of friendship for most of us. And don’t forget the snacks; friend time is optimal snack time. You can worry about the diet on Monday.

But before you get your dusty DVD collection out from under your bed, it’s time to skip the old ways and experience the luxury of using some of the top apps to watch TV online in Australia instead. To get your weekend off to a good start, our editors compiled a list of the best TV streaming services available in the country ready for you to use on any device.

watch tv online

ABC iView

If you’re a big fan of the ABC channel, then the ABC iView app is the right choice for you. Not only does this TV app allow you catch up on the latest shows available on ABC, but it also releases complete TV series to binge-watch during your weekend break.

From drama series to comedy shows, news, and current affairs, you are sure to access any show you want with just a single click.


If you’re a Nine Network baby, then downloading 9Now is the best way to spend your lazy leisure day. Serving as Nine Network’s on-demand companion streaming service, this app provides you with the latest and complete episodes of various Channel 9 series, both locally and internationally produced.

With this app, you can now watch your favourite Nine Network shows – from Australian Ninja Warrior, to Married at First Sight, to Ellen. How cool is that?

SBS on Demand

If you’ve been dying to see The Handmaiden’s Tale or craving some Homeland episodes, then the SBS on Demand app is the right one to use. SBS On Demand serves as SBS’s catch-up service, which provides live and pre-recorded SBS programs that are sure to make your weekend a whole lot better.

What’s more? It’s all free! All you need to do is create an account or use your Facebook or Google account to sign up and experience all the wonders of this TV app.


The 7plus app is channel Seven’s companion streaming service. From the channel’s latest shows to their throwback hits, expect the 7plus app to provide all of the goods.

Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh or ready for a tear-jerking session with friends, 7plus is a must. Available to use for free, you’re sure to find some hidden gems within its rich and diverse collection from 7, 7TWO, 7mate, 7flix, and the 7food network.


Excited for a weekend staycation with your favourite pals? Stock up on snacks, set up your comfy spot, and get ready to start. You can download these top apps and plan an awesome weekend of friends and movie marathons. Ridiculously high-calorie snacks not included (you can figure that part out).