It’s the kind of feeling that would unravel even the calmest person in the room. Imagine waking up one day to find out you’re unable to meet your monetary obligations. Now, that’s how it feels when you’re bankrupt.

You have to face the idea that one day your debtors will come and take away your valuables to cover your debt. Not to dwell too much on the bankruptcy part, there is a relief afterward. After one year, you’ll most likely be discharged from your bankruptcy and now you have to rebuild your name.

This is one of the hardest parts, as your credit score will have gone to the dogs and starting out may be hard. It’s even risky to be employed in some institutions since the trust associated with your name will be gone. So, just how do you rebuild your name after bankruptcy?

Are Your Debts Cleared?

First of all, most of your prior debt is usually covered (under the law) after your bankruptcy. But there are debts that you’re still liable for even after you’ve been cleared. The debts include court fines, child support, social security loans, student loans, and other debts owed due to personal injury. These are the ones that you should first start clearing if you ever want to completely clear your name.

Start Building Your Credit Rating

It is quite crucial to start building your credit rating as early as possible since your ratings are likely to be affected by your bankruptcy for a couple more years. And since your score is that poor, chances of you getting loans aren’t good. Also, the property that you had before won’t be considered as yours until you’ve dealt with the trustee.

Get A High Ranking Job

Most people tend to think that after your bankruptcy has been cleared you can’t get an executive position. But in truth, after the anniversary of your bankruptcy, when you’ve been cleared there’s nothing hindering you from getting a high ranking job. Of course, you still may not be trusted, but you’re eligible as much as anyone else so long as you’re qualified.

Watch Your Finances So As To Not Fall Into Bankruptcy Again

If you ever want to build your name after your bankruptcy then you have to watch your finances. It is one of the processes that a number of people ignore but it is one of the most crucial ones you can choose to undertake. If, before, you used to take on a considerable amount of risk with your finances, this time you should take care. Have a clear budget, live within your means and ensure you pay a substantial amount into the debts you’re still liable for.

Pay Into Your Bankruptcy Fund Religiously

There is no getting away from the period you’ve been assigned to pay into your bankruptcy fund. To help build your name, ensure that you religiously follow the payments even if you’re discharged before your time limit elapses.


Getting yourself back on track after a bankruptcy can seem like a tedious task but it’s one that can be done. Clearing your name can be done in the long run, but you have to be committed and diligent in the process. By following the above ideas, you’ll be on the right track to building your name again.