The Bankwest Zero Platinum credit card offers top of the line benefits with no annual fee. This is an excellent choice if you want to make purchases online or travel while keeping your expenses to a minimum. 

Cardholders benefit from the best offer if they frequently travel because there are no foreign transaction fees. And these are only a few of the perks!

Highly competitive, the Bankwest Zero Platinum credit card can be an excellent choice. Let’s find out more about it and how to sign up!

Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard Credit Card - Learn How to Sign Up
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Fees and Interest

First of all, the Bankwest Zero Platinum credit card has no annual fee, while the balance transfer charge is only 2.99% for the first 9 months. After that, it increases up to 17.99% per year. 

As mentioned above, the card is excellent for frequent travelers or if you enjoy purchasing online in different currencies. This is because there are no foreign transaction fees, and, additionally, the cardholder enjoys international travel insurance, extended warranty, and more. 

Similar to the balance transfer full rate, you need to pay 17.99% per year on purchases. However, there is a large interest-free period of 55 days. Cash advances have the highest rate, which reaches 21.99% per year. 

There are a few other fees you should consider. The late payment administrative fee is $25 per period, while the cash advance fee is either $4 or 2%, whichever is higher. The fee for paper statements is $1.25 for each statement. 

Finally, the credit card has a minimum repayment limit of 2%. Additional cardholders do not incur any extra charges, and you can add a maximum of 3 users. 

How to Apply

Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard is available to any permanent resident who is 18 years old or above. The bank offers only one card per customer. If necessary, you can add up to 3 additional cardholders, and this incurs no additional costs. 

Before you apply, make sure that you prepare all the documents for the application. Firstly, you need photo identification, such as a passport or an Australian driver’s license. You must then provide your employment proof, including the employer’s contact number and the length of your current position. 

Your Documents

Where applicable, you must upload other documents. For instance, you need to show proof of your expenses, other assets, credit cards, and loans you may have. 

Once you get the documents required, all you need to do is access the Bankwest website and follow the prompts. Choose whether you are an existing customer or a new one, and fill in the personal and financial information. 

Keep in mind that the Mastercard comes with a minimum limit credit of $6,000 and a maximum limit of $65,000, depending on your income. Generally, the bank requires its applicants to have a minimum income per year of $65,000 and a good credit score. 

Features and Benefits

The Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard is an ideal product if you travel often or you make online purchases in foreign currencies. 

This is because they do not charge any transaction fees, so all of your transactions can be considerably cheaper than if you use another credit card. 

It can also be a real asset if you are looking for overseas travel insurance. You may take advantage of the card’s cover for extra convenience. In addition to this, you also benefit from extended warranties, purchase security, and a price guarantee. 

Bank Contact Details

You can easily contact the bank via phone by dialing 011 61 8 9449 2840

The bank can be contacted by post at Bankwest, PO Box E237, Perth WA 6841.

The website has a detailed FAQ section if you have a specific question or concern, or you can simply search for your local Bankwest branch

For existing customers, there is an online chat that provides 24/7 support, and it can be accessed after logging in. 

Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard Credit Card - Learn How to Sign Up
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Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard is an excellent way of saving money on annual fees and foreign exchange transactions. It has a few other perks, including travel insurance, an extended warranty, and more. 

Paired with excellent customer support, this makes for an exclusive offer that brings numerous benefits for certain individuals. 

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.