If you need auto insurance that gives you flexibility, getting one from Aviva Canada is a great way to go. The company has many ways to customize your coverage while reducing costs. Continue reading to discover how to get a cheap Aviva Auto insurance.

Aviva Canada is one of Canada’s leading insurers. Aside from cars, it also offers life, home, health, travel, and many other types of insurance.

If you are still hesitating on whether to get a quote from Cheap Aviva Auto Insurance, reading the product’s advantages and benefits may convince you.

Aviva Auto Insurance Benefits

Aviva Canada uses many ways to get discounts for your auto insurance premium. One way to get discounts is by bundling home and auto insurance. It can also grant reductions in your premiums if you are already a retiree and being a safe driver.

The insurer is also known for its extensive and responsive customer support. Aside from actively attending to your complaints and queries online 24-hours-a-day, it also carries out a simplified claims process and a large knowledge library that educates customers the fundamentals of insurance, especially for newbies.

Aviva is also dedicated to fighting against insurance fraud, which is a hindrance in keeping your premiums down. It uses advanced technology and resources to identify and prosecute fraud which saves money for its customers.

Looking for an insurance that provides flexibility that you can customize your coverage while reducing costs? Check out Cheap Aviva Auto Insurance now! Here's how to apply:

How to Apply for Cheap Aviva Auto Insurance

You can contact one of Aviva’s brokers on its website. Set an appointment at your chosen time and tell these professionals relevant information including your driving history and type of vehicle so that they can give you an accurate quote.

During your meeting with cheap Aviva auto insurance broker, the professional will check different factors like the model of your vehicle, the place where you live, how often you drive it, and how far you drive.

The broker will also ask your driving record, your previous claims from other auto insurers. He or she will also find out your age, and other people will drive your automobile.

You can also enhance your coverage by choosing an add-on to your policy including new car guarantee, ride-sharing insurance for drivers who use their cars for commercial use, temporary vehicle replacement insurance, and protection for conviction. You can also apply for additional protection for car crashes and get a comprehensive coverage which can safeguard you against damages from theft, falling objects, vandalism, and other damages apart from a collision.

Rates and Charges

The fees you pay for your insurance will depend on the factors mentioned above and your chosen add-ons, so you cannot find a specific price on Aviva Canada’s website. The average annual premium of auto insurance in Canada ranges from $645 to $1,680, which can still go lower or higher depending on your circumstances.

Overall, a Cheap Aviva Auto Insurance will allow you to customize your claims depending on your specific needs.