Are you looking for life insurance to protect you and your family from unforeseen events like accidents and death? What you need is an insurance with broad policies that cater to a number of claims. You can enjoy these and more with the Great West Life Insurance. They got a full range of insurance solutions suited for every individual’s need. These are built to help cover costs related to healthcare plans, accidents and other expenses.

To find out how you can avail of this insurance, read on.

Benefits of the Great West Life Insurance

Great West Life helps you invest in your future. As they say, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Even if you’re young and starting your career, it’s important to secure your life through flexible insurance solutions. This is what Great West Life Insurance promises to its clients. In this article, we’re going to look closely at the Universal Life Insurance and find out about the benefits that come with it.

Monthly contributions tend to bulk up especially if you are paying for the whole family. Instead of struggling to pay for the life insurance, you can already experience comfort with the adjustable premium payments offered by the Great West Life. Under the Universal Life Insurance, you can freely adjust the payments on certain amounts that match your needs and situation. In addition, the money in the account can be used to settle future premium payments, which helps you save.

Another reason to choose this type of life insurance is the tax-advantaged investment component. You can choose from a myriad of investment account options based on your financial goals. With this insurance, you’re not only protected for life but also have funds for kid’s education, retirement and more!

Are you looking for life insurance to protect you and your family from unforeseen events like accidents and death? Cheap Great West Life Insurance is your best option. Here's how to apply:

Universal Life Insurance Application

Simply register an account at Great West Life website and choose Universal Life Insurance. Before availing, you have an option to talk to an advisor to understand the policies and process of availment. This will also ensure that you know how much you will be paying for the life insurance.

For the life insurance plan, the outstanding amount depends on certain criteria like annual salary and number of years before retirement. Great West Life provides financial security advising to lay out options for you. These experts can recommend insurance and coverage length suited for you and your family, business or organization.

Fees and Charges of the Universal Life Insurance

Crediting rate as of this year starts at 0.750% for daily interest, 1.000% for 1 year, 0.625% for a 3-year plan, 0.500% for 5-year rate and 1.500% for 10 years. A policy loan rate of 5.350% is also added. Interest can either be charged to you if you’re borrowing or given if you’re investing. For life insurance, you are investing money, hence, this is the rate you can enjoy.

Overall, the Universal Life Insurance is suited for those who are inclined to build their wealth and at the same time, protect themselves and their families from the cost of hospitalization, accidents, and death.