Want to protect your family from unexpected expenses? It’s time to avail of life insurance to secure your future and even build your wealth through retirement. With Sun Life Financial Life Insurance, you not only get comprehensive insurance but also build cash value over time. In addition to these, you are also free to customize the plan to meet your needs and financial situation. Coverage of the insurance is also upgraded compared to standard insurance.

Read on to learn about the benefits and perks of this insurance plan.

Features and Benefits of the Sun Life Financial Life Insurance

Sun Life Financial is labeled World’s Trusted Brand in Life Insurance Company according to Reader’s Digest. With this, you can ensure you’re in good hands and claims are proven by millions of people who availed life insurance from the company. In this article, you’re going to discover more about the benefits of the Participating Life Insurance.

There’s more to protection from accidents and hospitalization because, with this life insurance plan, you can combine long-term cash value and death benefit growth. Under this plan, you choose from the Sun Par Protector II that enables you to have permanent life protection and at the same time,  have long-term cash value. If your focus is higher cash values on a short term, you can choose Sun Par Accumulator II. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a fixed eight-year fully paid-up life insurance with a death benefit, then you’re good with the Sun Par Accelerator.

In addition to the cash values, you can also use dividend payments to reduce annual premium or buy additional coverage for your plan. However, it’s better to leave this on deposit to earn more interest.

If you are looking for an insurance that secures your future and even build your wealth through retirement, Sun Life Financial Life Insurance is for you. Here's how to apply:

Participating Life Insurance Application

You will need to register an account to Sun Life’s website and sign in. To be in the right path, you need to find an advisor that will lay out your options on the table. Information posted online is better discussed with experts, so find the time to consult financial advisors. After this, you may need to submit an application that will be verified by the insurance company. A medical questionaire will also be provided plus you need to submit medical and financial information.

For the coverage, the advisor will walk you through the plans suitable for your age, financial situation and goals.

Fees and Charges of the Participating Life Insurance

Since you will be investing your money in a life insurance, there’s no upfront fees and charges. Premiums are paid on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Money is invested for the future, which can be withdrawn and used. Distribution of assets includes corporate bonds or loans, real estate, mortgages, equities, cash and government funds.

All in all, Sun Life Insurance can give security for your future. Retirement will be much more exciting and fun if you know you are covered from unexpected costs of hospitalization, accidents and even death.