Periods come every month, but we never know the exact day, the flow, severity, and other symptoms that lack consistency. This is why many apps were developed, helping us to estimate our monthly cycle with greater accuracy. 

If you are wondering when your next period might be, or when you are fertile, you should consider using one of these great apps.

Fortunately, we did all the research on your behalf and decided to introduce you to Flo, the best app to calculate your fertility period!


Flo Period Tracker is a bold, simple calendar that allows you to log in your period start and end date, symptoms, feelings, menstruation flow, and sex drive, among others. Furthermore, you can also add your sleep pattern and quality, physical activity, and even water consumption. 

It also has an Insights dashboard that helps you learn more about your cycle and body and even offers personalized insights every day. 

Flo Period Tracker is a reliable period tracker, has a pregnancy section that can be activated, and offers accurate ovulation and fertility dates for your convenience. 

Furthermore, it is the first period app that uses artificial intelligence (AI). This is what makes it one of the most accurate and reliable apps on the market. Even if your cycle is irregular, this app can help you schedule cycle reminders, record PMS symptoms, and you even have access to a pregnancy calendar. 

Whether you want this great app to calculate your fertility periods, PMS symptoms, take your pills on time, or simply want to get a deeper insight into your monthly cycle, Flo Period Tracker is an excellent choice. 

Furthermore, the app has a collaboration with InData Labs, and they collect and analyze the data inserted by its millions of users. Then, they create menstrual trends that suit anyone while treating each of its users individually. 

In other words, after you insert your days of menstruation, moods, and flow heaviness, the app uses artificial intelligence that collates all of your experiences with millions of other users. 

The central system then uses these insights to offer you accurate predictions of your fertile period, next due dates, and more. These are shown on a simple, and easy to use calendar. The fertile periods are in blue, while days of your next periods are in red. 


This app can be downloaded and used for free for both Android and iPhone. Furthermore, you can also choose a subscription for $9.99 per month, which includes personalized insights, physical and emotional patterns, health reports, and more. 


Firstly, Flo Period Tracker is an easy-to-use period tracker and ovulation calendar. You can insert more than 70 symptoms, which means that you will enjoy personalized predictions. It uses artificial intelligence in order to estimate with high accuracy your fertility dates, next cycle dates, and more. 

The app offers numerous quizzes, expert articles related to health, and even surveys in a personal feed that is adapted to your lifestyle. 

The app also has a pregnancy and post-pregnancy mode that helps you track the baby’s development, learn essential parenting information, and access numerous articles written by medical experts. 

Lastly, Flo Period Tracker offers secret chats in which you can post anonymously and discuss with millions of women from around the world. You can share your concerns and get their support in return. 

How to Download

In order to benefit from all of these features, you need to download this app from the store, either for Android or iPhone. Then, open the app and start customizing your experience by providing details such as your previous cycle dates, and usual symptoms. 

The more details you insert, the better the app can predict your fertility period and cycle dates. If you cannot remember your past dates, it is important to use the app every day and add in moods, feelings, and other symptoms that will offer a greater insight into your experience and health. 


The Flo Period Tracker is the top choice when it comes to calculating fertility periods, estimating future dates, and it offers access to numerous other benefits. You can chat anonymously, read expert articles related to health, and much more.