Best Children’s Educational Videos For Mobile Phones And Tablets

In today’s world, children can use and comprehend technology at a very young age. It is not hard to find a two-year-old who can operate a smartphone and get to their favorite app even before they learn how to speak. However, not every app is fit for your little one.

It, therefore, becomes essential for every parent to find child-safe apps that can both entertain and teach their children. The beauty with most of these apps is that they come with in-app purchases. As such, before handing over your phone or tablet to your children, make sure they don’t know the password to purchase anything.

If you are a parent looking for ways to teach your kids via your phone, then you have come to the right place. After all, it’s not healthy for your kids to always be on YouTube playing games when there are apps that can educate them instead. In this article, we dig deeper and bring you some of the best apps that have educational videos for kids.

educational videos


This is one fantastic app that will help your children develop skills in programming and directional language. After installing the app, you have to keep moving the arrows therein to keep moving forward, left, right, or backward. This app comes with 12 levels, the faster you complete one, the faster you move to the next level. Also, after completing each level, you receive a star for it. However, this app is only suitable for children aged four and above.


This app teaches kids how to code. It is specially designed for kids aged four-years-old and above with intentions of learning computer science. The beauty of this app is that both teachers and parents can use it even without computer knowledge. This app comes with more than 40 scripted lesson plans, which have more than 200 activities. What’s more, this app also has Google classroom integration.


This is not a fun app, but it’s very educational. However, it is only for older kids. Children can then use HomeWork to schedule their work and lessons, set reminders, and plan for their exam revisions. It is also useful when it comes to managing time effectively. It can be downloaded on both tablets and phones with easy to navigate features.

IStory Books

Do your kids love reading? Or are you trying to encourage your kids to get more into books? Well then, this app helps you achieve all that. It comes with pictures, voice-overs, and alternative languages. If you want to teach your child Spanish, trust this app will do that for you. It is an easy to use app that will keep your kids entertained.


This app prepares kids who are yet to join a school with basics in math, science, and other related subjects. You can learn things like numbers, colors, shapes and so on. It is easy to use and child-friendly.

It also has amazing features for pre-school toddlers such as colors, shapes, money symbols, numbers, and so much more. The games have puzzles and flashcards, which makes them easy to use.

educational videos

Bottom Line

Instead of having your kids watch cartoons all day and play video games, why not get an app or two that can do both-teach and entertain? If you are a parent, hopefully, these apps will help you achieve your desired goal, which is to educate your children. Head over to your Google Play Store or Apple Store and download them today.

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