He’s tall, hunky and has a sexy Australian accent, Chris Hemsworth is the ultimate movie star crush. Being a celebrity has its perks and its pitfalls in equal measure. One aspect is Chris Hemsworth life is always life is always in the public domain, although sometimes he does put himself there. 

The Australian caught the eyes of the public from his first TV series, Home and Away in Australia, which ran from 2004-2007. After that, he took his career to a different level in Hollywood. The leading actor has been one of the most influential figures ever since he broke into the Hollywood scene.

He has been featured in numerous action-packed movies. The most recent of his films is the Avengers End Game, which was one of the most-watched films in 2019. He recently did a photo session with his dog and here are the photos that have already surfaced.

Photo credit: GQ Australia

About the Actor and his Dog Sunny

Chris Hemsworth who is the famed actor of the much-loved TV film Thor is the proud owner of a dog who recently hit the cover of GQ magazine in Australia. It isn’t the first time that Sunny hit the waves online though. Sometime in 2019, Sunny went missing and pleas were sent out by Hemsworth and his wife to find her.

This time, however, after Sunny’s photo session with Hemsworth they have hit the headlines for the right reasons. And in case you were wondering, Sunny is a large female Groodle, a friendly breed. 

In the interview with GQ Australia, Hemsworth was quite adamant that the magazine catch the ‘personality’ of the dog clearly. He said that Sunny is quite a private dog and a dog of ‘few words’. He thanked the journalists as they truly captured the true nature of Sunny.

When the photos hit the internet, they caught the eyes of the larger public and it’s safe to say the public loved the photos. Here are some of the best pictures of the duo that have hit the internet recently.

By GQ Australia

One of the most-loved photos that has hit the internet of the duo is the one above. You can see from the photo that the two seem to be in perfect harmony and are comfortable around each other. Sunny looks like she has been doing this for quite a while as she looks to be taking a stroll while the photo is being taken.

This photo is the cover of the GQ Australia magazine and for good reason too, you can see why the fans all over love the photo. It pretty much portrays how Sunny is comfortable with Chris and the whole idea of a photoshoot doesn’t faze her.

The one on the cover of GQ Australia, shows Chris wearing a trench with no shirt and holding on to 

Sunny looks like she loves being petted.

 There’s no struggle to keep Sunny in the position she’s in and it shows how they have built-up chemistry.

photo credit. www.dailmail.co.uk

Sunny and the Family

What’s more fun than playing on the beach with your family? Clearly nothing for Sunny. The photos above show the Groodle just hanging out with his favorite humans on a sunny day. People love these caught-in-the-moment shots.


There’s nothing that gets fans more excited than seeing their favorite celebrity just hanging with their pet. Chris Hemsworth and Sunny seem to have amazing chemistry between them and you can see from the photo why Chris says that Sunny is a dog of a few words.