Digital currencies are growing in stature every single day and there’s no avoiding that fact. There is a lot that you need to learn about them as sooner or later you may have a need for them. You need to learn a few terms that are commonly used when it comes to cryptocurrency.

A phrase, such as “funds on hold” especially when you’re using Coinbase can be critical for you. So, what does that term mean and what does it entail when it comes to cryptocurrencies? You also need to find out about balance too as you look into funds on hold.

To learn more about Coinbase funds on hold and what it means, you need to read below. Info on the balance and its relation to the held funds can also be found here as well. 

Coinbase Funds on Hold - What Does This Mean in Cryptocurrency?
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Available Balance

Before you dive deep into the idea of funds on hold, you need to learn about available balance when you’re dealing with Coinbase. Your available balance, with relation to Coinbase, isn’t a complicated concept. It’s the amount you have available for transfer immediately.

You can relate it to the idea of purchasing crypto. And, you can do this through a linked bank account. Now, the catch is, you won’t able to immediately withdraw fiat deposited using the linked account.

This is majorly for security reasons, and neither can you be able to send crypto purchased with the same funds. This is called withdrawal availability.

Withdrawal Availability

You need to note, however, that wire transfers are quite different when it comes to this scenario. They do not affect withdrawal availability. That is where the hold comes into play when you’re dealing with Coinbase.

The wire transfers, plus debit card purchases are all subject to any existing holds on your account. This essentially means that they are still in the hold period before you can have access or use for them. Which brings us to the funds on hold section with regards to Coinbase.

Funds on Hold

When you purchase cryptocurrencies with deposits, the deposits can be from a wire transfer or a debit card – these are the funds on hold. Another scenario about funds on hold is that they are currency value of fiat of your bank deposit.

All the amount that is on hold are represented by fiat. It doesn’t really matter whether they are from your deposited funds or from purchased cryptocurrencies.

When dealing with Coinbase, you will get an alert about when those funds will be available. It doesn’t matter whether they are crypto purchase or bank deposits, the notification of their availability will be given. 

The notification is for when you’ll be able to send off the amount to Coinbase or when you can withdraw to your bank. And lastly, when it comes to calculations, there are a number of factors that will come into play. They include: payment activity, account history, and transaction history.

Does the Hold Period Effect Crypto Value?

Coinbase Funds on Hold - What Does This Mean in Cryptocurrency?
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A major concern when you have to deal with the held funds is the value of your cryptocurrencies. The holding period doesn’t effect the value of your crypto in any way.


Cryptocurrencies are pretty challenging to understand for most people and it takes a while to get them right. But, when you’re dealing with Coinbase, the ideas are pretty much straight forward for you to grasp. 

When it comes to funds on hold in Coinbase, it isn’t terribly complicated as you have seen it fully detailed above.