Gone are the days when you had to go into the street and start waving cabs down. Today, you can get one from the comfort of your cell phone.

The obsession with these ride-apps is one that won’t go away anytime soon. These apps are proving to be more convenient for the new generation as well as the old, as they offer you better service than your normal cabs.

These share-ride apps also have a disadvantage, though, as prices tend to go up during peak hours.  As a rider, you have to stand at an advantage and compare the prices so that you don’t end up paying on the high side. So, how do you compare the fares, for free? Let’s find out.

Anyride App

A free app that can be downloaded on both android and iOS devices and be used to compare the significant ride-apps on the market is Anyride.

The app will not only give you the prices of the ride-apps – down to the last cent; it also shows you your arrival time.

One thing that scares most users of the App is that it has to sync to all the ride-apps on your phone to give you precise estimates. That brings the fear that your information will be accessed and used. But, that’s a risk that comes with most apps today, and it’s one you can live with.

Google Maps

Lots of people still think of Google maps as an app that gives them directions on where to go. The app has come a long way, and that isn’t all it offers you today.

Down at the bottom, it will show you ETAs of Uber, Lyft, and other ride-apps around you. The App will also go as far as to show you how much the ride will cost you to your destination.

The best thing about using the Google Maps app here is that it will show you the wait time and direction to your destination. Just key in your location and your destination, then click on the ride-sharing option on the app.

Apple Maps

With Google Maps making such advancements to its interface, Apple wasn’t going to be outdone.

With Apple Maps, you also no longer get just directions to your destination; you get to know how much your ride will cost you.

That’s not only what they offer, though; they also give you an option to book your ride straight from their interface, unlike Google. Of course, for this to work, you’ll have to have installed the ride-share app on your phone. You then go to your Apple Map app, and then go to “ride-booking”; it’s an extension on the app.

This will initiate communication between Apple Maps and the ride-app. Compare your options, and pick the one that suits you best.


Using the ride-share apps is fast becoming common, and with the convenience they offer, their use won’t slow down.

To compare the best ones for your trip among the many for free is one aspect that many people have wanted to do. With these methods above, you can now compare prices of Uber, Lyft, and others on the market for free. Check out more of our great tips at trovoacademy.com!