Keep yourself occupied during this pandemic with the video game, League of Legends. For beginners, it’s a team-based strategy game that is sometimes called MOBA. In a standard game, you have ten players divided into two teams of five. 

These two teams then have to battle it out on a summoner’s Rift map. As you play, you’ll realize there are other items other than weapons that you need along the way. You’ll need the in-game currency to purchase some things you might need. 

Riot points are the in-game currency you’ll use to purchase skins, acquire champions, bundles, experience boosts, and rune pages, among others. However, they don’t directly affect the game. This article is here to show you how to acquire free riot points. Read on to learn more.

Discover How to Get Free Riot Points in League of Legends
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Register on Idle-Empire

This is your first step if you don’t want to pay any money to buy riot points. Don’t worry as this process is easy and takes a very short time to do. Sign up to Idle-Empire platform with your existing social media account(s). The social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, and Discord. 

Start Earning Points

After you have signed up, the second step is to start earning points. There are various ways you can earn these points. This can be either by answering paid surveys, watching videos, playing games, or testing the software

When you earn points, they add up and you can trade them for a gift card. It’s this gift card you’ll use to get your free riot points in the game. The more difficult the task is, the more points you’ll earn.

Paid Surveys

When you update your profile, you will be matched with paid panels that match your demographic location. After, you’ll receive an invitation to play. Pick a survey of your choice and then play.  

You’ll earn different rewards that include gift cards, points, cash, or other gifts. Keep on the lookout for paid survey notifications so you don’t miss out.

Play the Game

It is a way of practicing your gaming skills. Every game you play, make sure you have your strategies right. For example, if you are just starting out, don’t rush to your enemy’s camp to destroy their base. 

If you do, they will kill you because it isn’t a smart move. When you play well, you’ll earn points that will accumulate to earn you riot points.

Watching Videos

This is quite straightforward. Since online video streaming is becoming more popular, advertisers are using it to cash in on this progress.  They will work with the gaming companies to buy ad space. 

In return they pay points, money, and other rewards. Each video you watch earns you points, which can accumulate depending on the number of videos you watch. When you hit the required minimum amount of points, you can redeem them as gift cards or cash.

Redeem Points

Discover How to Get Free Riot Points in League of Legends
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After you have accumulated a number of riot points, don’t forget to redeem them. Since you are already registered with Idle-Empire, your gift card will be delivered to your email within 24 hours. You can then use this gift card to redeem riot points in-game.


Every game has its in-game currency that players can use to buy skins, champions, and weapons. In League of Legends, riot points will be used to buy champions, experience boosts, special bundles, summoner icons, and rune pages. 

All these different aspects and tools are to give a new experience to your game. However, most of them are entirely for cosmetic purposes.