When it comes to social media, validation is key to gaining trust with your followers. Many social media platforms have their specific process in verifying that the public figure is indeed deserving of such designation. 

If you go through different social media such as Instagram, you will find that most celebrities and other public figures have a blue check next to their name. This verifies that the profile is indeed verified and has an authentic presence within the platform. 

Those who are just starting out on Instagram will have to do more to become one of those verified figures. This can be quite frustrating if your presence is still not known to many people. 

Discover How to Get the Blue Instagram Badge and Get Verified
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While you may have an official account, there is still a process to follow when it comes to the verification process. Learn how you can start the verification process and why it is important to be Instagram verified if you want to have a presence over at Instagram.

Are You Eligible for Verification?

The first step to being verified over at Instagram is to know if you are eligible in the first place. Anyone can apply for verification over on Instagram but Instagram is quite picky when it comes to giving out the blue badge of honor. 

Some might not even get their badge even if they are already well-known individuals in your area. Having a verified profile on other social media platforms does not immediately guarantee that you will have a verified account on Instagram. 

The platform mentioned that they can provide the blue checkmark to some public figures, celebrities, and other individuals that have a high chance of getting their identity used for other purposes.

To know if you are eligible, you will need to follow the platform’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. 

Some Key Requirements for Verification

You will also need to be a real person with a registered business. Fan pages and meme accounts are not eligible for the blue badge. 

The guideline also states that you need to have a unique and public account that is being run by one person only.

A complete bio with profile photos and posts will also help you get verified. However, it is still up to Instagram to continue with the verification process when they check your profile at the end of the day.

How to Apply For Verification 

The process for getting verified over at Instagram is quite simple. You will need to log in to your profile and tap the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the app. Choose Settings and tap on Account. 

You can then select Request Verification and it will load an application form. In the application form, you will need to fill out personal details such as your legal name, your working name, or brand name.

You also need to indicate the category or industry where you belong such as news, business, or influencer. 

You will also be required to upload a photo of any government ID such as a driver’s license for certain individuals and tax filings or utility bills for businesses.

How Long Does the Application Take?

After sending the application form, a team from Instagram will review your submitted information. It will take from several days to several weeks for the team to provide you with an update. 

Instagram has made it a point to never send you an email or ask for money regarding your verification process. You will receive a notification on Instagram that indicates whether you have been verified or not. 

There will be no feedback coming from the team if you get declined. You will receive a confirmation if your account has been verified and the team would suggest that you provide extra security for your account.

Tips to Get Verified

It can be a very anxious wait to find out if you get verified or not. While everyone can apply, not everyone can get verified to get the blue Instagram badge. However, there are certain ways to increase your chances of getting verified.

Never Buy Your Badge

Never try to buy your way into getting verified. You might come across many comments or spam messages that will allow you to purchase a blue check for your profile but never give them money to do so. 

These are scam pages that are more likely to do more harm with your chances of getting the verified badge than good.

Get Real Followers

Instagram is notorious for buying fake followers. The team that verifies your profile will also be checking your followers and see if they are all authentic. Make sure to have real followers and naturally gather authentic ones.

Discover How to Get the Blue Instagram Badge and Get Verified

Take Advantage of Your Fame

One good way to get your profile verified immediately is to apply when you are on the news. Instagram is quite lenient to people who have recently been making waves in the news and other media outlets. 

Capitalize on your newfound fame to get yourself verified.

Be Honest with Your Profile

One of the best ways to get yourself verified faster is to always provide accurate information when you submit them. Make sure that your profile and the information in it are complete and real. 

Never falsify any document just so you can get verified or you’ll run the risk of getting denied for any further application.


Getting verified on Instagram is just half the battle. You will need to maintain your conduct within the platform to stay verified. Instagram can take away your badge if you do not follow their rules. 

Take advantage of your verified profile and start spreading positive vibes to your followers. If you are starting your career on Instagram as an influencer, make sure you put out good content so you can get verified fast and easy.