With fast internet, you don’t need to wait for Netflix to buffer or your web browser to get the information that you need. Most individuals, and probably you, have pondered how they can speed up their internet to do things faster.

Sometimes, you get irritated at the slow rate at which you can access the sites that you need to be running fast. But, how can you enhance the speed of your network?

There is a myriad of solutions existing worth trying, however, not all of them can help you. Notably, some options are counterfeit while others are costly or extremely technical. Despite these, check out the following cheap and easy tips capable of enhancing your internet speed.

Discover How to Speed Up the Internet at No Cost
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Observe Your Data Cap

Data caps are among the greatest causes of slow connection speed. The reason why Internet Service Providers (ISPs) fail to advertise their data caps is a no brainer. Yet, they mess up big time with your internet.

A data cap refers to your monthly usage of data, ranging from a couple of hundreds of MB to hundreds of GB. In case you surpass your monthly limit, your ISP will restrict the speed of your internet seriously, and this will be evident to you.

If you are not aware of whether you have a data cap or not, glance at your bill. There are chances that you know about it. Note that you can speak to your ISP for a strategy with an increased data limit, in case you keep exceeding your monthly data cap.

Give Your Router a Break

Reset your router monthly or periodically to ensure that your device takes a break and your internet connection is refreshed. In case you encounter massive speed issues, you may contemplate on resetting your router daily.

If your modem is separated from your router, you need to reset it also. Modem resetting invigorates your internet to your ISP, and that is the essence of turning it on and off.

Besides, you can plug your router and modem in a time that will automatically turn your system on and off. You can set the timer to restart the system when you are asleep so that when you arise, you find your internet refreshed in the morning.

Note that this resetting your modem and router will not work the magic of completely turning your internet speed around, however, it will assist you easily.

Shift the Position of Your Router

Probably your router is in some remote area of your building. If that is the case, reposition it. If the router WIFI signal fails to reach you, the speed of your internet connection is likely to be affected. 

Tilt your router facing the center of your room, most preferably the floor where you are most active. In case you spend much of your time on the first floor in the living room, position your router on a similar level.

Embrace Ethernet 

Many people use Wi-Fi these days, and that’s exceptional.  Wireless connections are great and reliable, but they are not fast. Cabled in internet connections such as ethernet, are likely to be quicker and more convenient compared to wireless connections. 

If possible, connect your highly significant tools to the internet through an ethernet cable. Some of the devices that you can connect to the ethernet are desktop, TV, Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming interface.

The cable connection will serve you best especially if you are used to watching data-heavy videos on your devices. Also, ethernet offers you more security than Wi-Fi, and this is particularly important when you want o secure your banking and other personal data.

Block Ads

Discover How to Speed Up the Internet at No Cost
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Almost all content providers advertise. Endless of advertisements, GIFs, pictures are inevitable wherever you go online. You may have no problem with the ads, but it can slow your connection

These ads slow down your internet speed, therefore, sometimes blocking them is a quick fix. You can do this by installing an ad-blocking plugin that will stop those auto-play heavy-data videos. Consequently, you will create some breathing space for your internet connection.

You can also consider using a streamlined browser, installing a malware scanner, negotiating with your ISP, or getting a different service provider. In any case, you need to up your internet speed with whatever it takes.


Everyone desires great internet speed for quicker cloud access, minimizing stress, strong signal, and many other benefits. Ensure that you incorporate these best tips if your network speed is sluggish!