One of the most essential skills that parents can instill in their children is to promote their imagination and creative self-expression. On-screen drawing entertains children and gives them pleasure and joy. 

Learning to draw has never been as fun and easy with apps. Even children can find adorable characters quick and fun to draw. Voice tips and dotted lines will help your child develop excellent motor skills and quickly learn steady creative habits. 

Here are some drawing and painting apps for your kids that you can download now for free. Read on to learn more about some of them.

Discover the Best Free Drawing and Painting Apps for Kids
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Paper by 53

Paper by 53 (iOS app) is now free and works for all ages. You may use your finger or stylus to draw with the tools: Sketch, Read, Paint, Outline, and Color. 

There are empty spaces in the palette to save unique colors and a full-color mixing well. Recent updates to this are Diagram Fill and Cut, devices that give even more flexibility. 

What you’ll love about this software is that it runs seamlessly, has an undo button and an eraser, and offers as many digital notebooks and as many pages as possible. 

Kids could try drawing a day and be able to look back proudly at their success. We may also use paper only as a means of brainstorming and quickly work out ideas.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is specifically built for children with a super easy-to-use picture or canvas painting. This has countless bright colors and 24 lovely paints, such as light, neon, rainbow, crayon, and draw. 

The app supports a special “game” mode that can play children’s artwork like a small movie. The built-in gallery holds all the children’s drawing and painting procedures. 

Children can start drawing whenever they want, or “film” their previous masterpiece whenever they want. You can download the app here for Android users. 

Draw Animals for Kids

If your inquisitive kid likes to draw animals, look no further than this lightweight and enjoyable drawing app on the Google Play store. This program was specifically developed to help your child grow their love for nature and see all the beautiful animals around them. 

The software, featuring a gallery of 40 animals, has an intuitive Interface, supportive learning tips that contribute to a smoother learning curve, and a reward-based progression scheme that guarantees hours of engaging sessions.

1-2-3 Draw

Counting is never enjoyable without drawing numbers and adding color to them. Luckily, Bini Bambini created a new app that immerses your kids in a variety of ways to learn numbers and draw animals. 

The software also provides a small child’s voice that helps guide the children when they learn numbers. It has a counting game that allows children of all ages to develop and explore the original form of visual art and learn mathematical counting in a fun way by using colorful numbers.

Your child will be followed by the voice of the Little Boy, who will take their first steps in math. This children’s drawing and coloring app cover a variety of topics: counting numbers 1 to 10 and writing children’s numbers. 

When playing these free kindergarten learning games, your child will get acquainted with children’s numbers and early math for kindergarten.

Coloring Book – Kid’s Paint

Discover the Best Free Drawing and Painting Apps for Kids
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The digital coloring book, available to download from Google Play, includes more than 130 funny drawings for coloring and scribbling with educational content for children of all ages and gender. The app simulates the use of paints, tempera, and oils.

The app also includes a Decorate Mode, which allows your kids to add lovely stickers and beautiful backgrounds to their artwork. Some of the app’s collections include animals, princesses, Halloween, toys, circus, and friendly monsters. You can download the Coloring Book app here


Through mobile technology, drawing is more accessible and enable children to take their artistic skills to the next level. There is now a wide range of fantastic drawing applications available to help children develop their visual skills by drawing and doodling.

Download the free apps mentioned above and start encouraging your kids to draw now!