Anyone can be a great virtual makeup artist with just a few taps on their mobile phone. That’s very different then real life make up, which requires you to be super talented in contouring, blending, and even drawing.  

With technology, you can now try to simulate new makeup looks without spending a lot of time and money. In just a few minutes, you can pick and apply your favorite makeup look and share it on social media with your friends.

There are a number of beauty makeup apps that allow individuals to have a real-time simulation of whether or not a particular makeup look will complement their face. A few of the best virtual make-up app on Android are next

Discover the Best Virtual Makeup Apps on Android
Image Source: Google Play Store

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a free app that can be downloaded by Android users for makeup and beauty. This app helps you to customize your photos to see which makeup look suits you best. 

It has some unique features such as changing eye color, slimming face, re-shaping nose, removal of blemish, and it offers an assessment of how good the skin is. There are several tools that make it possible for users to have perfect skin.

For lips, face, nose, eyes, brows, and tattoos, the tools provide makeovers. It also includes a real-time skin beautifier that gives you great skin and an efficient eyebrow editor that helps you to color and trim existing brows before any makeup is added. 

You can edit the shape of your nose, eyes, face, and select your favorite colors for your lipstick. In addition, the app allows you to dye your hair as well as choose various hairstyles for yourself so you can test the new hair waters.


MakeupPlus is the ultimate try-on app for virtual makeup. With MakeupPlus, from contour, lipstick, and eyelashes to brows and faux freckles, hair color, and glitter, you can give yourself a complete virtual makeover to discover a look you love.

You can quickly try real lip products from all your favorite brands, such as Lime Crime, Stila, GLAMGLOW, Charlotte Tilbury, Clarins and so many more, via the Counter feature. Through the app, you can also buy these items. 

With their Beautify function, you can automatically boost your complexion to add a perfect finish to your selfie. With their set of ultra-glam virtual reality filters, you can upgrade your selfie game to the celebrity makeup level.

 You can tailor your own look with Touch-up features or use exclusive full-face makeup filters developed by the beauty industry’s hottest names such as Bretman Rock, Christen Dominique, NikkieTutorials, Lisa Eldridge, and Angel Merino aka Mac Daddy.

Discover the Best Virtual Makeup Apps on Android
Image Source: PCMag

Perfect 365

Another famous leading app available on Android is the Perfect 365 app. With a ton of features that are available for the face and hair, it enables virtual makeup. There are far more than 15 tools and styles for makeup that go with this app. 

Your personal look can be customized like shadows, lipsticks, liners, and more.  You can create your own look with exclusive color combinations with their limitless custom color choices with the Pro Color Palette.

With cutting-edge face detection, it claims to have the most precise makeup placement possible. The app also provides step-by-step tutorials from various artists to direct users to create the looks on their faces that will help them appear authentic.

Another unique aspect is that you can interact with makeup experts in your surrounding areas with this app. It also features video tutorials from your favorite artists on YouTube, so in real life, you can replicate the virtual looks. 

You may also subscribe to updates, looks, and tips for everyday makeup.


Considerable efforts have been devoted to a lot of innovative makeup apps that you can use to change your look completely. There are a few fantastic apps available in Google Play to help you decide whether you need a new style.  

To help you achieve the look that’s just right for you, some major tech is in use. The above three makeup apps incorporate some of the best virtual makeup tech as far as we could see. So have a go at your favorite one for art’s sake.