Today, Instagram is the most popular social media platform for image and video sharing. The main explanation for success is its beautiful features. Instagram is part of Facebook, and it’s loved by millions of people.

If you use Instagram, then you can see every member’s profile. But, many of us want to find out who viewed our Instagram profile and whether or not we have Instagram stalkers.

Most celebrities are linked with fans on Instagram today and share their social life. Often, Instagram allows companies, advertisers, webmasters, and bloggers to become an online brand.

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Why Would You Want to Know Your Instagram Visitors?

The main question is why you want to check your Instagram account for who views and stalks it. When you can see who is stalking you on Instagram, you can better calculate your popularity.

Stalkers and followers are usually lovely, but your health and protection should not be lenient. Stalkers can be risky sometimes too. This is another reason why it is a good idea to keep an eye on who regularly view your profile.

Here are some apps you can download to know who visits your Instagram. 


InstaMutual is an iOS-enabled program that lets you see who’s visiting your Instagram account. This feature can be kept on for 24 hours to see any user who visits your account. The software is easy to use and manage.

This app is free.


InstaView is also a common application for checking who has reviewed your Instagram profile. This app comes for both iOS devices and Androids. InstaView lets you see up to 200 recent views of your own Instagram profile.

This app ranges from $5-20, depending on your location. 

Follower Insight

You can see who’s viewing your Instagram profile using Follower Insight for Instagram App. You can track down those stalkers on Instagram who follow, unfollow, or block you. For all three activities, it may send you a notification.

After testing, it has shown that this app gives a better idea of who is viewing an Instagram profile. It has a simple GUI, which is user friendly. The stalkers can be easily found on your Instagram profile.

This app costs $1 only!


Just install this app and allow your Instagram data to be collected. You can test the correct findings of stalkers who have seen your Instagram profile after automated calculations. You’ll be able to know who’s most interested in your stories and pictures. It’s how this app helps you track who views your Instagram page the most.

This app is free.

IG Analyzer

Upon downloading the “Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis” software, you can gather feedback from the followers checking and stalking your Instagram page. They can gather data from your Instagram stories and posts as well.

For this feature, it’s great to see who’s watching your Instagram page. It will alert you of followers who are involved in your Instagram posts.

All of the options for running and using the app are quite easy. The software works relatively quickly. Finding the stalkers on Instagram is amongst the best features.

The app costs $2 to $3 only!


If you want to test more, then the best option is the “SocialView for Instagram” app. You can keep track of those who periodically view or stalk your Instagram account. This free program features a secure user interface, so you do not have to worry about protecting your data.


The SocialPlus app is useful because it gives the most accurate results. To find out the stalkers on your Instagram account, you can install this excellent app. Downloading, installing, and using this software is not complicated.

SocialPlus app delivers results that are 100 percent accurate. It makes you aware of those who view your Instagram pictures and stories as followers and stalkers. This also warns you about those who have unfollowed, blocked, and even never followed you back.

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Sharing your posts on your own Instagram, which is open to the public, feels good. However, you may still. be curious about who is really spending their time check out your profile. Download one of these apps today to find out!