During the current global pandemic – COVID-19, a good number of people have been forced to stay at home. No one has been excluded from the effects of the pandemic, not even celebrities who have been forced to self-quarantine.

Most of them have been showing what they have been up to during this time online. One of the celebrities that has been quite vocal about what he has been doing is Will Smith. The father of two and a well-known actor who has a lot of fans has shared his time with fans.

To find out what Will Smith has been up to during this time, you should read on to the end of this piece. You can also follow him on his various online platforms, as his activities have been highlighted. Here are some of the activities that the Bad Boys actor has been up to as of late.

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Launched a New Series

One of the most notable things that Will Smith has been up to during this quarantine is entertaining his fans. The entertainer who loves what he does has wasted no time creating something new for his fans.

Will has decided to give the fans a new series that is labeled “Will from Home”. This is a Snapchat series that gives the viewer a chance to take a look into the life of Will Smith. The idea was born from talks from Smith’s own company Westbrook Media.

The show gives you a chance to see how Will lives. To entertain the fans, you can literally have a chance to spend your quarantine with him.

You can see Will Smith’s garage and some of the content that is there, including a Men in Black cardboard cutout. There’s also a statue of his son Jaden Smith; Will Smith laughs that for some reason his son thinks it’s a good idea to have the statue at his house.

Spending Time with Family

One of the things that this quarantine has taught everyone is to spend time with the family. Will Smith, too, has found time to spend time with his family and get to know them better, as well. In even a recent expedition on Red Table Talk, Jada Smith, the wife to Will, said it is only now that she has known her husband.

This is one of the achievements that Will Smith has been able to accomplish during this quarantine

Reunites With the Cast of “The Fresh Air Prince of Bel-Air”

The other thing that has kept the Men in Black actor busy is reuniting with the cast from The Fresh Air Prince of Bel-Air. The meeting, though, has been done virtually due to the effects of COVID-19. With social distancing becoming a norm, Will Smith has done well to keep in touch with the cast virtually.

The meeting took part in his show “Will from Home” and was hosted on Zoom, as Smith looked to bring the old gang back together at least once. This is the first time the whole cast showed up on camera at once since the 1996 shoot.

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Some of the most interesting parts of the meeting were when Will Smith taught Ashley how to fight. It was like a “you should be doing it this way” kind of scene and they had a laugh about it. They also had a heartfelt discussion on Jazzy Jeff’s COVID-19 scare.

The only missing person from the cast at this meeting was James Avery, who passed away some time back.


Will Smith suddenly looks like one of the people who has taken the work from home idea seriously. Despite not being able to provide fans with as much action as they would have liked from him, he still has done well to give them something. 

It has not been all about the fans, though; he has also gotten time to spend and get to know his wife and his family better than ever before. The actor has certainly done much more, and if you follow him you will find out he’s been up to a lot lately.