Medisafe is an app (on iOS and Android) that alerts you to take your medicine immediately. This has a basic design with regular pill schedules, divided into four sections: morning, midday, evening, and night. 

It even has reminders to refill your prescription. With Medisafe, you’re not putting yourself or your loved ones at risk by skipping a dose — or taking a double dose when no one has listened. 

Millions of patients and non-patients have downloaded Medisafe, a top-rated pharmacy planner, and a pill alert for those who need reminders to take supplements, medications, fertility drugs, birth control, and other medicines. Read on to learn more about Medisafe.

Don't Forget to Take Medicine Anymore - Discover this Free Reminder App
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Medisafe: Overview of Effectivity

The main screen of Medisafe looks like a circular pill box with four compartments numbered at times of the day. The compartment appears open for the present time of the day. It’s a really simple home screen. 

An individual in a white lab coat spends a few minutes learning about normal drug use, side effects, contraindications, and other issues. Medisafe helps you to track a variety of different “measurements”, such as blood pressure, glucose, pain, etc. 

It is easy to connect, but the software didn’t prompt us to do that. It’s quick to export a list of prescriptions and measurements to an email address. The app also offers to submit a spreadsheet file to Excel.

Medisafe does not have access to your information on the website, so you need to control your information through your mobile app. Medisafe allows you to nominate another person as a “medfriend.” 

Features of Medisafe

With Medisafe, you’ll have a wide array of features to use. You will have an easy-to-use medical planner to handle prescription reminders, and it will keep track of the measurements and syncs them to the HealthKit app.

You can see the progress report and submit it as a visual, concise PDF to the doctor or nurse, and you can connect family medicine pillboxes to one location, in real-time. Manage your whole family from a single account.

There are different Medtones to make Medisafe fun and a nice addition to your day. You also receive coupons and discounts for drugstores. Reminds you to take medication every time, even though your system is asleep. 

Medisafe also has time zone help! No need to worry when you’re on the road, your reminders are always on time. Rx Refill will remind you when you need to re-stock your prescriptions.

Medisafe: How Much Is It? 

Medisafe can be downloaded and used free of charge. Medisafe Premium enhances your experience and allows you unlimited Medfriend followers, unlimited family and friend profiles, and access to 20 + health metrics. 

You also have an option of a dozen Medtone reminder voices, ability to select color themes and pillbox shapes, and no banner advertisements for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year with a self-renewing subscription. 

The payments will be credited to the credit card via your iTunes account. Your subscription will be renewed automatically at your monthly or annual rate until canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current contract.

How to Download Medisafe

Don't Forget to Take Medicine Anymore - Discover this Free Reminder App
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There are three ways to download this app. First, the Medisafe app is available on their website. Second, when you are an iPhone user, search the app in the App Store. You may directly install the app for free! You may also download the app in Google Play for free! 


Medisafe does not offer medical, diagnostic, or treatment advice. Always seek advice from your doctor or other professional health care provider for any questions you may have about your prescription or medical condition.