Call of Duty Warzone is a battle royale video game available only on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Call of Duty Warzone involves approximately 150 players battling one another. 

To spice up the game even more, you’ll need some skins for your weapons arsenal. The list includes weapon skins, character skins, and secondary weapon skins among others. 

In this article, we detail different methods of how you can acquire these skins in order to upgrade your character and gameplay. Continue reading to learn more.

Find Out How to Get Free Skins by Playing CoD Warzone
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About CoD Warzone

The basic idea of Call of Duty Warzone is that you and your team jump out a plane over Verdansk. You use a parachute to come out of the plane into a safe area. 

When you hit the ground, your goal is to survive longer than 49 other triple squads in Verdansk. If you want to outlast your opponents, you have to defeat them, loot items, and complete contracts.

A successful team in any battle is one where fire teams communicate so often and work together. To succeed you should help your teammate by moving with them in the vehicle to change location, give them some weapons if you think they will use them better.

Daily Logins 

If you want free skins to improve your call of duty experience, then you’ll need to log into the game daily and tap into the rewards and perks you are bound to receive. 

When you log into the game, play at least one match and it will register in your daily login. The more logins you do, the more rewards you accumulate. Consequently, they’ll add up to give you new skins.

Complete Weekly Challenges

Every week there is a challenge that you can complete and earn yourself crates and C Currency. The harder the challenge, the more rewards. Sometimes you’ll find the rare skins in these crates.  Also, the C Currency you can use in the store to purchase the skins of your choice.

Weekly Events

In the main menu, check the events tab for the different events coming up. Choose those you can enter and complete them. The more events you enter, the more rewards you can gain. They will give you rewards, like skins and crates, at the end of the event.

Level Up the Battle Pass

Find Out How to Get Free Skins by Playing CoD Warzone
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The Battle Pass in Call of Duty has 100 multiple tiers. The free tier allows you to get free skins. As you progress through the different levels, you get more skins. 

Endeavor to complete the Battle Pass challenges and it will be quite easy for you to level up the Battle Pass free tiers. In the same process you’ll collect more skins. 

You need to purchase Battle Pass points with Call of Duty points. You can get these points by playing the game and completing challenges, among other things. By playing, you can earn approximately 20 tiers of free content. 

However, even if you choose not to buy Battle Pass, the tiers that you already have include point stashes. For instance, in season two, the Battle Pass system has 300 CoD points without purchase. You can use these points to purchase skins that you want.


Participate in weekly events and challenges and win skins and points. Also, daily logins into the game and playing the game will give you rewards such as crates, points, and skins. 

If you are interested in getting into the world of Call of Duty Warzone, check out their website, or check out some videos on YouTube to get more information.