In PUBG online, the game starts with one hundred players moving by parachute onto an island. As they fight, they must protect themselves from the weapons of their enemies. Thankfully, skins are items that will assist you in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It’s these skins that you gain that will help you hide and shield yourself from the enemy’s guns. However, if you were to buy all of the skins, they would be quite expensive.

You don’t need to worry about paying a penny for new skins in PUBG Mobile. This article is here to show you how you can get them for free. Continue reading to learn more about the different strategies you can employ to get new and free skins.

Find Out How to Get New Skins in PUBG Online
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In order to start acquiring skins for PUBG Mobile, you need to be registered for the game. You can use any of your social media platforms to register. 

However, authentication is through Goggle, Discord, Steam, Facebook, or Twitter. Alternatively, you can also sign up using your email address.

After registration, you are eligible to start earning points and skins. You can earn them on various platforms by playing games, watching videos, testing software, or answering paid surveys. 

The longer you do these tasks, the more points you earn. Whatever you are doing, ensure consistency, and you will earn a substantial number of points to buy skins

Play the Game

If you decide to earn points by playing the game, ensure you defeat as many players as possible. The more you defeat, the more battle points you gain. 

You have to survive the enemy’s weapons to earn a better rank. This will reward you with points that you can use to acquire skins. The higher level of game you play, the more points you earn.


In addition to just playing the game, you can also earn points through certain third-party applications like Idle-Empire.

Paid Surveys

Idle-Empire is a great resource for getting points and thus skins. Partners usually run market research through paid surveys. This means that companies will pay users to answer questions. By completing such surveys, you stand to win gift cards, cryptocurrencies, points, and skins. 

Surveys are usually uploaded daily. Therefore, be sure to answer the daily challenges for the best shot at great rewards. These surveys are typically relatively short so don’t worry about them taking up too much of your time. 


When you mine cryptocurrency for Idle-Empire, it means you allow your laptop to perform some mathematical calculations with their software. 

The rewards you’ll receive depend on what processor you use. You will need to download Idle-Empire Miner. Then configure settings by extracting the given zip archive, start the miner and accumulate points. The points you earn are called hashes which you can exchange for skins.

After earning points, you can use them to purchase pioneer crates. These crates contain cosmetic gear and clothing which you’ll apply to your character to become stronger. However, the price of the pioneer crates does increase over time.

Find Out How to Get New Skins in PUBG Online
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Other Ways to Earn

In addition to the methods listed above, using Idle-Empire, you can also earn points by simply watching videos or referring friends to also sign up for the website. This way, you can try out a new way to earn every day and nothing will become too monotonous.  

Final Word

There are many ways you can earn free skins in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. One thing that is for sure, you need these skins to add more flair to your character on the battlefield.  

At first, it is about earning points, but as you continue to advance in the game, you will need to acquire skins. Skins will help you protect yourself from the many enemies on PUBG Mobile, and you will become stronger in the game.