Learning math can be quite difficult for our kids. There’s another way to help the little ones develop their knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Thanks to technology, we now have access to numerous apps that help our kids learn math. We researched different free apps for you and decided to share the best one with you.

Let’s find out more about the Prodigy app and what it offers!

ABOUT the Prodigy App

The Prodigy Math Game can only be played if you provide the parents’ email address. So, after choosing a username and password, you will be asked to enter the email address of your mother or father. Then you will have to choose an avatar picture and select the level of difficulty you want.

After this, you will meet the first virtual friend, a creature ready to show you what you need to do to win the rewards. In this game, children will enjoy a mix of fun and utility. As you answer the math questions correctly, you will benefit from more powers and spells, which will help you win in the classic battles with the monsters.

All this helps you to move on in the game and become victorious in the battles. Children will be rewarded with coins and spells at every step, so all they have to do is to have fun and answer the math questions correctly (adaptable to each child, depending on their knowledge and level).

You do not have to pay anything to play this game. But if you want full access to the game’s content, you can subscribe for a total experience.


This game is based on the idea that you can progress in math and have fun at the same time. It is a pleasant combination of simple equations, fierce battles, theories, spells, necessary notions, and virtual animals. Children will also receive clues on how to solve a math problem, but it is up to them whether they want to consider them or not. In this way, each child will have their own method of advancing mathematics, customized according to their answers and ability.

Children who want a game with sensational graphics will be disappointed to learn that there is nothing spectacular, as this game is based more on practice and mathematics progress. This progress can also be viewed by parents, who are provided with an easy-to-use chart and can find out exactly what their child’s level is and what their expectations can be.

We must also specify some aspects of the game that can turn into frustrations or conflicts. The first of these would be that certain errors may occur in the game or the game may crash, and children will have to start again where they left off last time.

The second and perhaps most important aspect is that children will want to upgrade the game and will ask their parents. In order to avoid such a conflict, parents must be very categorical about their decision and leave no room for interpretation.

The idea that children like rewards, treasures, and play with virtual pets is exciting and, thus, can enjoy all the facilities of the game. After all, you have to progress in the game, and you’re kind of “tricked” into working on math.

Do not forget that this game is based on battles with monsters and weapons. Some parents do not like such experiences for their children and may find it unhelpful. In conclusion, Prodigy Math is a game that must be looked at objectively and can be used for the purpose of progress, and the decision is yours.

How to Play

You can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. Then, make sure you follow the steps on the screen in order to personalize the experience.

You can also connect a free parent account on the website to check what the kid is working on, set objectives, offer rewards to the child, and monitor their progress.


All in all, Prodigy is a free, fun game that teaches kids math. It also has a subscription available, so parents might have to decide whether it is worth the investment or not.