So, you’re looking to start playing Hearthstone, but your collection is totally empty, and it’s leaving you feeling demotivated? Don’t fret – there’s no need to spend a fortune trying to build up your collection of decks and cards. 

The game can be quite intimidating for anyone who’s looking to start playing in 2020. It’s been out for six years and has had countless cards, and expansions added

Beginners may feel like it’s impossible to collect nearly enough cards to be a competitive player unless they spend money. However, paying is not the only solution!

How to Get Free Decks in Hearthstone Online
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Hearthstone – What Is it?

Blizzard’s Hearthstone is the world’s most popular digital card game. It features more than 1,700 cards, and the game boasts a depth and a meta that continually evolves as new cards are introduced, and old cards are phased out. 

With its interactive boards and impressive art, Hearthstone has a simplicity to it that helps attract new players. Unfortunately, the money that is required to build a viable competitive deck is what causes many players to be put off by the game. 

Like pretty much any other card game out there, the card packs in Hearthstone are not cheap. Unlike others, there are no physical representations for your cards, and you can’t resell them. Smart collectors of Magic the Gathering cards will be able to grow their investments, while Hearthstone cards are basically worthless. 

That doesn’t mean it’s not a great game, though. Plus, it’s suitable for gamers of any age. 

The Resources of Hearthstone

There are three resources within Hearthstone that allow you to add cards to your collection, namely Experience, Gold, and Arcane Dust


When you level up one of the nine Heroes that you can play as in the game, you will earn Experience. Even though Experience is not a spendable resource, accumulating enough of it will unlock Basic Cards and their Golden versions. 

Experience is the main resource that new players will use to unlock more cards. More experienced players with more hours of playtime will receive a less impactful payout in the form of Golden cards as a reward for earning more experience. 


This is Hearthstone’s primary in-game resource. Your Gold can be used to purchase Solo Adventures, Card Packs, or Arena passes within the game, and there are several ways in which gold can be earned, which generally requires you to just play the game consistently.

Arcane Dust

Arcane dust is the crafting resource within Hearthstone. It can be used to craft your own cards that you did not receive when opening packs, which can help fill any voids that might be present in your collections or decks.

The main method for acquiring Arcane Dust is by disenchanting the cards in your collection. However, disenchantment yields much less Dust than what is needed to craft a card. 

Earning Gold for Card Packs

Pretty much everything you do when playing Hearthstone will let you acquire Gold, which you can then use to purchase more card packs and grow your collection. 

Daily Quests

Every day that you log in, you will receive a new quest that rewards you with different items. These quests are the best way to accumulate gold, which can then be used to purchase more card packs, especially for Free to Play players. 

You can have a maximum of three quests active in your log at once, and you can reroll them once a day. The rewards for daily quests range anywhere from 40 to 100 gold. 

If you want to maximize your gold intake, reroll all of your 40 gold quests, giving you a better chance of receiving more rewarding quests. 

Daily Victories

Aside from quests, you’re also able to earn gold by winning matches in either the Play Mode or Tavern Brawl. Every three wins will reward you with 10 gold, capping at 100 gold a day, or 30 wins. 

Arena mode does not reward players with gold since its rewards are based on wins. Even though this is not an extremely efficient method of accumulating gold, when coupled with Daily Quests, you can end up earning quite a bit of gold, which can then be used to purchase packs. 


The Arena is an excellent source of potential income for free-to-play players. In this game mode, you will select one card from a hand of three and repeat it until you have built a deck of 30 cards.

You will then be matched with other players using the Arena decks that they built until you lose three games. Each time you win an Arena match, your possible rewards are increased

Because you have the potential to earn a plethora of rewards from the Arena, playing this game mode requires an entry fee of 150 gold. But, since you receive a card pack each run, you only need about 4 wins to make the fee back.

How to Get Free Decks

Unfortunately, if you are a regular Hearthstone player, there is no official way for you to earn free decks. The offer of free decks is only available to both new and returning players, i.e. players who log on after not playing for at least four months. 

New players also don’t get a free deck right away. They will only have access to this offer after achieving the Bronze 10 rank within the game. 

How to Get Free Decks in Hearthstone Online
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If you meet one of these conditions, then congratulations! You will soon have access to a completely free deck on Hearthstone Online. Now, the only difficult part will be choosing which deck you would like!


If you are not a new player or a returning player, you will have to get decks the old-fashioned way – by earning them!

While the process for earning card packs in Hearthstone may seem tedious without paying, but it is still a very viable method and is not as difficult as you might think. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be earning packs quickly in this game.