Steam is the largest platform for purchasing and downloading games for PC. With more than thirty-thousand games to choose from, it’s no wonder that players flock to the platform for all of their gaming needs. 

While there are many Steam games that require a payment before you can download them, there are also plenty of free games as well. There is a separate category for the Free to Play games, and they’re some of the most popular games out there. 

We’re going to show you how you can download these free games from Steam. 

Discover How to Get Free Games on Steam

Everything You Need to Know About Steam

Steam is a digital video game distribution service created by Valve. It was launched as its own software client all the way back in 2003, as a means for Valve to provide automatic updates for the games that they made. 

It then expanded to include many other video games from other publishers. It has also grown to become an online mobile and web-based digital storefront for thousands and thousands of video games.

It offers server hosting, DRM (Digital Rights Management), social networking, and video streaming services. Steam also provides their users with the installation and automatic updating of their games, as well as certain community features, like groups and friends lists, in-game voice chat, and cloud storage. 

How to Download Steam

The process for downloading Steam is quite similar to the processes for downloading any other application from the web. To start, you’ll want to make your way to Steam’s website, which you can find here

The “Install Steam” button will have a different icon next to it depending on your operating system or device. For Windows PCs, the Windows icon will appear, while Mac users will see the signature Apple icon

Click the button, and the download will begin. The download will only take about 5 minutes, and once it’s completed, you’ll want to click the executable file that appears at the bottom of your browser. Install the program, and you’ll be ready to download games. 

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What Games Are Available?

Like we said earlier, Steam features a category that contains all of their Free to Play games. These games cost no money to download, and can be played without paying a cent,  but they generally offer some in-game purchases that are entirely optional.

One of the most popular Free to Play games on Steam is Destiny 2, a sci-fi, action, first-person shooter that has you and a team of friends fight the forces of darkness using powers and weapons granted to you by the Traveler. 

It has some amazing graphics, and is packed full of content, with several DLCs available for purchase. 

Another highly-popular free Steam game is Dota 2, which is a top-down, action/strategy game. You play as one of the many heroes on the roster, and the goal is to destroy the enemy team’s Ancient before they destroy yours. 

How to Download Steam Games

Once you’ve downloaded Steam and set up your account, you should make your way to the Store page. Here, you’ll find hundreds of games that are on special, and games that Steam thinks you’ll enjoy, based on any other games you’ve already downloaded and played. 

Navigate to the Games tab near the top of the page, and hover over it. A drop down box will appear, and you’ll want to click Free to Play

Here, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the Free to Play games on Steam. Find one that interests you, and click on it to be taken to its page.

From there you’ll be able to click the Play Game button, which will initiate the download. The game will appear in your Library while it’s downloading, and when the download has finished, you’ll be able to play it from there. 

Discover How to Get Free Games on Steam


With so many games to choose from, and so many that cost nothing, it’s no surprise that Steam is the largest digital distributor of video games in the world. We hope that this guide has made downloading some of the platform’s free games easier for you. Happy gaming!