5 Ways To Generate Better YouTube Ad Revenue

Millions of YouTube videos are watched every day, making it one of the most visited social media sites. Perhaps you are wondering how people make money through the site. Well, generating YouTube ad revenue is actually easier than you may have thought.

If you have a computer and video editing software, you are ready to start making money as a YouTuber. If you think making money on YouTube is only for famous musicians and big influencers, then you are wrong. Anyone can make money through YouTube ad revenue and its quite easy.

However, you have to have a strategic approach and put in that extra effort. If you are ready to start your channel, here are some of the ways you can generate YouTube ad revenue. We don’t guarantee that it is going to be easy given the competition. However, if you use these strategies well, you will see results.

YouTube ad revenue

Affiliate Links On YouTube

Promoting affiliate links is one way to earn money on YouTube. This is how it works: you recommend a product on your page, once a visitor clicks that link and buys the product, you get a commission. Easy, right? Be sure to add these links in the first few lines of your description.

This works the same way as promoting affiliate links on blogs. Once you build that trust with your audience, then they will start clicking these links. You can take on affiliate courses or join networks such as Awin or Shareasale to learn more about affiliate marketing.

YouTube Partnering And Earning From Ads

You can make money from your video ads, super chat features, and channel memberships. To qualify, you must have exceeded 4,000 video watch hours. You also must have at least 1,000 subscribers in the past 12 hours.

This is why you have to put in extra effort and be sure to create engaging content. You also have to be consistent so that you not only get views but subscribers as well.

Funding From Your Fans

If you have been able to have a loyal following, you can go ahead and ask them to crowdfund and help you fund your profit and videos. Platforms such as Patreon or Tipee can help achieve this.

Profit and non-profit channels are taking advantage of this with their audience to ensure their video operations are running smoothly. As a pro tip, always aim at creating engaging content that is interesting and entertaining to your audience as well.

Marketing Funnel

Yes, you can optimize your channel for sales. Think of unifying your channels with a blog. This will help collect more email addresses and in turn sell your products to your audience and subscribers.

For instance, if you recommend a particular product on your blog, you can turn this content into a video and post it on your channel. This will track your users from your channel back to your blog and, in turn, will help you make money and earn commissions.

You Can Become An Amazon Influencer

This Amazon influencer type of program is becoming more popular every day. It allows you to maximize your social media presence and make money through Amazon recommendations. All you have to do is review and also recommend products, directing your audience to purchase via your affiliate links.

Whenever your followers click and make a purchase, you earn a commission, usually 8 to 10%. However, not everyone qualifies, you must have a big social media following and other impressive metrics to join the program.

YouTube ad revenue

The Bottom Line

Having a YouTube channel and earning from it are two totally different things. If you want to earn from your channel, the first thing is to build an audience. Then, think about which earning methods from the list above can work for you. You can even decide to adopt all of the methods.

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