With the trajectory of football still very much unsure in these unprecedented times, delving into the world of this sport via mobile football games is one of the best ways to relieve real-time experiences. One of these unbeatable and highly anticipated games is FUT 2020. 

More popularly known as the Fifa 2020 Ultimate Team, FUT 2020 is a gaming mode in Fifa 2020 which allows individuals to build their dream team using their favorite players. Once you have your team, you can go against other players and vie for the win. 

As a manager of your own team in Fifa, you know the importance of having coins at your disposal. Besides improving your squad and getting better players, this also allows you to strengthen your overall gameplay. Read on to learn methods of getting free coins in FUT 2020.

Discover How to Get Free Coins in Fifa 2020 Ultimate Team

What Are Free Coins in FUT 2020?

The primary currency used in mobile football games, such as FUT 2020, is coins. Coins provide individuals access to relevant tools to help build and boost their respective teams. 

There are numerous ways to get coins. However, one of the easiest and hottest ways to do this is by utilizing bronze packs.

The Bronze Pack Method – Coin Hack on FUT 2020

If you are looking for a quick coin hack that will allow you to get the players that you want, look no further than the bronze pack approach. What makes this method useful is that these allow you to increase your coin balance in just a few days. 

You can chalk up your coin earning ability to the number of Squad Challenges, and the lucrative transfer network it holds within. While a Bronze Pack may initially cost you 400 coins, it will allow you to earn hundreds, thousands, and even millions with the right approach.

Get Free Coins on Fifa 2020 Ultimate Team with a Bronze Pack

Each Bronze Pack will give you a mix of 12 Bronze-level items, including a rare item, consumables, and a number of different players. As some of the cheapest cards in the game, you can simply buy these and collect them until a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) comes along.

Once the Squad Building Challenge comes, these will often require players to have a particular player, club, or nation. During this time, Bronze Cards from Bronze Packs can garner great value to you as players or clubs have immediate resale value. 

Make sure to sell these at the right time. Once you do, it will cover the cost of the whole pack and will give you some more coins in the process. 

The key is keeping players with less than 900 coins in value from Bronze Packs and listing those players with more than 900 coins slightly below the lowest card on the market. The other contents of the pack, including badges, balls, and stadia, can be discarded.

How to Use Bronze Packs

As you accumulate consumables and players, these will give your club and your team with numerous contracts and fitness cards. These consumables are valued anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 coins depending on their market value. 

Each contract you sell will immediately get you around 300 coins, so if you sell more than 50 contracts a week, you’re guaranteed to get around 15,000 coins for this alone. 

Can you imagine growing your humble 400 coin investment and growing it? With the Bronze Pack method and coin hack, you certainly can. 

Other Ways to Get Free Coins

Win Games

Besides banking on the Bronze Pack method, you should also ensure your winning streak. By winning more games, you’ll be able to earn more coins with each match, thereby granting you access to spend on players that will boost your team’s strength. 

Engage in a Quick Flip

Engage in a mass bidding process on silver player cards up to a maximum of 200 coins for standard ones. Bid up to 50 cards for a time. 

Should you win, you can “flip” these cards right back on the market and sell these for at least 500 coins each, getting you more than you initially spent. 

Discover How to Get Free Coins in Fifa 2020 Ultimate Team

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to get coins on the Fifa 2020 Ultimate Team, you can use these strategies to your advantage and build the strongest team you know. Soon, you’ll be raking in millions of coins and keeping your head above the game.