Want to beat lockdown boredom? If you’re fond of playing Ludo in the traditional manner, you’ll probably love its mobile version, Ludo King. As social distancing becomes the norm, the humble dice game has conquered the virtual world to give people an incredible time while in quarantine.

Similar to the traditional game, the mobile app lets players roll a dice, make their move towards the finish line, and compete to become the Ludo King. If you’re interested in trying out this app, you might want to know how to get free Ludo King coins first, as this could help you stay in the game longer.

Below are some of the best ways to get free coins in Ludo King. From playing online matches to completing missions, here are among the top things you can do to harvest enough coins and enjoy the most out of this incredible game. Read on to learn more.

Discover How to Get Free Coins in Ludo King

Ludo King Coins – How Important Are They?

First things first: Why would you need to collect coins in Ludo King? Similar to other popular mobile game apps, Ludo King has its own in-game currencies, and “coins” are one among them. 

In the game, players can benefit greatly from having enough Ludo King coins. Specifically, they can use them to unlock different in-game parameters or buy costumes for their characters. Coins are also often used to enter online matches and even skip enemies in Quick Fights.

Overall, having enough coins in Ludo King gives players a relative advantage against their competitors and have higher chances of becoming the sole winner.

How to Get Free Coins in Ludo King?

Read on to see some methods of getting free coins in the mobile game, Ludo King.

Play Online Matches

There are different ways to earn free coins in Ludo King and playing online matches is one among them. Specifically, online matches come in a gambling-like arrangement. 

Before you enter a match (you can choose whether you’ll be competing against random players, against nearby friends, or against the computer), you’ll first need to contribute some amount of coins. 

In the case that you win against your competitors, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible amount of coins back. The rule is simple: the more coins you wager, the more you can get back if you win the online match.

Take Bigger Risks

As mentioned earlier, online matches come in a gambling-like arrangement. Specifically, this means you’ll have to bet your valuable coins knowing you’ll be subject to a risk of loss and a chance of profit in hope of getting your desired result.

With this condition, we can say that although Ludo King is simple and straightforward, it still isn’t for the faint-hearted. Players will have to take bigger risks to be able to harvest bigger wins in online matches.

This means that it is more strategic to join matches that require higher coins before entering than opting to play in matches that demand only a little amount of coins from players.

Complete Missions

Another way to earn free coins in Ludo King is by completing live missions that are available in the game. 

In particular, you could do this by playing matches and fulfilling the mission requirement provided in the match. Once you do, you can unlock themes in-game, which will help you in saving your coins.

Spin the Wheel of Coins

Discover How to Get Free Coins in Ludo King

Finally, if you are running out of coins but want to ditch the hassles of online matches, you can turn to the lucky wheel of coins. You can spin the wheel and boost your coin balance by earning about 50-1000 coins.

You can get a free spin every four hours, so make sure to always check the clock and maximize your luck by spinning the lucky wheel as often as possible.

The Bottom Line

Want to skip the boredom of lockdown? With Ludo King, you can now enjoy your favorite board game while staying at home and social distancing. Try out these methods discussed above to earn as many free Ludo King coins and enjoy the most out of this popular mobile game.