In a sea of battle royale and multiplayer games on app stores, Call of Duty Mobile stands out as a great option, especially as it is part of the renowned Call of Duty franchise developed and published by Activision Publishing, Inc

CoD Mobile retains the type of unique gameplay that fans have come to know and love. This first-person shooter mobile game offers two different modes – namely multiplayer and battle royale with various game types, such as Domination, Team Death Match, Solo BR, and Team BR. 

By accumulating experience points, you can climb tiers and ranks to show off your skills. You can also play with your friends and customize your character using skins. Read on to learn how you can get free skins in the famed Call of Duty Mobile game.

The Importance of CoD Mobile Skins

While skins are mainly for aesthetics, these items can help you make your character more unique compared to others. 

Having them helps you pick the right appearance for every location you play in, so you can blend in with the environment and work the situation to your advantage.

Moreover, you can also get skins for your weapons. Such skins include gun skins, which are probably the most common type. Many think that weapon skins are simply for improving the appearance of your items. However, they can also add attributes, especially in the special multiplayer mode. 

For example, the Heat Stroke skin for HG-40 submachine guns can give you double kills and add bullets into your clip. It also adds effects to kill broadcasts. Other themes include Mardi Gras, Hearts, Easter, and many more.

Learn How to Earn Free Skins on CoD Mobile

If you want to get skins without spending a dime of real-life currency, you will be glad to know that there are ways to get them for free. Wondering how you can get free skins? Check out these options below.

Complete Challenges

Call of Duty Mobile provides players with various challenges that you can complete to get rewards. Usually, these rewards include coins, weapons, and skins. These challenges are easy to complete, as long as you play consistently. 

In fact, you can even get items just by logging into the game and getting your Daily Rewards. Challenges include getting the required number of kills, distance traveled, and other similar objectives. When you complete these challenges, you will earn rewards including the skins you are looking for.

Play Multiplayer and BR Battles

As mentioned, you need to complete challenges to get skins. The only way to do this is to play multiplayer and battle royale matches. This is where you can get the required number of kills.

The game also lets you earn rewards when you get the required number of multiplayer and battle royale games played. 

Play Ranked Games

Image Source: The Verge

This method of obtaining skins is pretty straightforward. Most games are set up in such a way that you are rewarded when you compete and play well. 

Ranked games let you climb the ranking ladder, which can get you from Rookie I to Legendary. As you progress, you get special rewards including weapons, characters, and vehicle skins. Take a look at some of the rankings and what it takes to achieve them below. 

Rookie 1-1000 Rank XP
Veteran 1001-2000 Rank XP
Elite 2001-3000 Rank XP
Pro 3001-4500 Rank XP
Master 4501-6500 Rank XP
Legendary 6501 Rank XP +

Buy Skins Using Coins

Lastly, you can go to the in-game store to buy skins. Whenever you play games and complete challenges, you will be given coins for free. These are in-game cash you can spend within the app

The store contains a whole lot of items for sale. Using the coins you accumulated for free, you can purchase weapons, vehicles, and character skins available in the store. Keep in mind that premium items can only be bought using CP or CoD points, which cost real money.


Playing Call of Duty Mobile gives you a perfect mix of fun and challenge, all in one game. With the customizability offered by skins, players will definitely want to collect them as they progress. 

Following this guide will help you accumulate more CoD skins, and these skins will make your character stronger, so make sure to try out these options today.