Garena Free Fire is a traditional “Battle Royale” style game, which means there are numerous players who play against each other for their survival. The players are dropped into an arena, which is a large island.

These players fight with each other until one player is left. It is similar to PUBG in most instances. A total of 50 players are air-dropped and reach the island with the help of a parachute.

The best part of the game is to explore the area and look for precious items like armor, weapons, ammo, and health packs. However, here we will talk about how to get free gold for Free Fire.

ABOUT the Game

As stated earlier, Free Fire is a multiplayer and survival shooter game. This game is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The basic theme behind this is “survival of the fittest”. Every player strives to live until the game timer stops.

Players try to kill other players in a real-world setting. As a result, the player can collect rewards for killing other virtual participants. The violence is somewhat realistic, which might be a point of concern for some parents.

Players can communicate with each other through built-in text and voice chat rooms. Additionally, players can easily create a friend list. The controls are easy to use, while the graphics are smooth too.

It’s quite similar to other survival games available on the web. You can use this virtual world to become a legend. Nevertheless, there are some downsides too. The first one relates to the level of violence depicted in this game.

On the other hand, the game offers numerous in-app purchases. As the game opens, multiple windows popup on the screen, urging players to make some in-app purchases.

As a whole, it’s a thrilling survival game that you can play online with your friends.

How To DOWNLOAD the Game

You can download Free Fire from Google Play or the App Store, depending on the type of OS used by your Smartphone. Although this game is free to download, there are numerous in-app purchases to tempt you.

How To GET Free Gold

You can get free gold for Free Fire in a number of ways. Although most of them are hacks, we will try to explain only the legit ways to earn free gold.

Online Surveys: This is one of the most viable ways to earn free gold for Free Fire. You can choose among the most legitimate apps or websites. For instance, Google Opinion Rewards pays surveyors in the shape of money and Google PlayStore credits. You can use these credits to get the gold.

Free Fire Events: The game also introduces a variety of events that allow you to buy the gold coins and diamonds. Some of the events offer 100% gold coin top-up free of cost.

Download new apps: By downloading new apps, you can also grab Google Reward points. You can use these points to get the gold coins. What you need to do is visit Google Play and download some of your favorite games.

Is It a GOOD Choice?

Just like any other Battle Royale game, Free Fire is also a survival game. Here, the players survive by eliminating other contestants. However, there isn’t any new thing to experience.

It takes 10 minutes for the game to end. Therefore, once it starts, you need to act vigilantly by locating and eliminating strangers. Meaning thereby, you should be equipped in a way to outperform the other people within the game.

Having said that, this isn’t a game for some younger players. Moreover, the presence of violence and fantasy could be a disturbing factor for the parents. The games chat room allows the players to communicate with other players.

If you aren’t committed to other Battle Royale games, Garena Free Fire could serve as a great choice for you to download. 


Free Fire is a popular survival shooter game that you can play on Android and iOS devices. The 10-minutes of the game is full of thrilling acts.

You can earn free diamonds and gold coins through a variety of legitimate ways. The players are dropped on a remote island, where they fight for his/her survival.