If you are totally unfamiliar with the practice of growing your own food, starting to do so might seem like a daunting process. However, this is something that many people are now doing every day. Nonetheless, we all have to start somewhere. That is why we created this guide.

In case it is your first time even hearing about microgreens, then you should know that they are young forms of baby greens. Many people love them because they are very delicious and also because of their richness in flavor. Above all, microgreens are a healthy addition to any meal!

Despite being liked by many people, you will find that they are not cheap at the grocery store. Because of these, many people have opted to grow them at home instead. To learn how you can grow microgreens and save money on groceries, continue reading.

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You Need Seeds

This is one of the essential things that you will be required to look into before thinking of planting microgreens. Thankfully, there are many different sources from which you can get these seeds. In fact, you can purchase them from local stores or even online.

A Container For Planting

You will need to look for a container where you will be planting the seeds. Also, when you are choosing your container, consider looking into the one that will be able to provide the best ventilation for your plants when they sprout. It is best to do a little research on the most suitable containers before you make your final selection.

Watering Them

To facilitate growth, make sure that you provide your microgreens with enough water so that they can sprout. However, unlike watering other plants, you simply need to provide them with a soft mist. This can be done effectively with the help of a clean spray bottle.

Provide Enough Light

To encourage faster growth of the microgreens, it is important to make sure that your microgreen plants have enough light.  For the most optimal conditions, it is best to place them under a grow light. This will help your microgreens grow more quickly then they might otherwise.

Prepare The Seeds

If you are interested in breaking the seed dormancy, consider putting your seeds in water for several hours. By doing this, your seeds will be able to increase that rate of seed germination. One of the best ways in which you might consider doing is by making sure that you put them in warm water for several hours, or even overnight.

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Bottom Line

Going by all of the above guidelines, it will be easy for you to begin to grow microgreens. In no time, you will have healthy greens to add to all of your favorite meals. Plus, you will be saving money!