Until a few months ago, everyone was crazy about Facebook and Instagram, but a new social platform has appeared in the meantime: TikTok.

Everyone wants to have as many visitors as possible on their profile, and the ways you can do this on TikTok are limitless.

Here are some strategies to help you get as many followers on this new network as possible.

How to Get MORE Followers on TikTok

The TikTok platform is used by over a million users every month around the world – so there are countless ways to increase your followers.

What you need to know is that the TikTok platform is created based on the For You page – which means that Explore on Instagram is the equivalent of TikTok. Thus, TikTok consistently shows you a stream of different custom content that might interest you. These viewing recommendations are chosen based on your previous views.

So, if you have watched something in the last few days, TikTok will choose only those videos that suit your desires.

Therefore, it is very easy for a video to go viral in just a few moments. The novelty that TikTok brings is that you don’t have to have millions of followers to get as many views as possible.

For example, on Instagram or YouTube, you need to have a lot of followers so that we get as many views as possible, but on TikTok, this is no longer necessary, because what matters is the content you share.

A noteworthy example is Taylor Loren, who received over 3 million views on a tobacco video she uploaded to TikTok. When she posted this video, she had less than 50 followers, but after posting it, it reached 20K followers in 4 months. All you have to do is dare to post a funny video because the rewards will be just right.

STRATEGIES to Grow Account

If you want to increase the number of views significantly, and therefore the number of followers, you need to consider the following strategies.

1. Hashtags

What you need to know is that these hashtags can help your video become very popular. Your videos must contain these tags. Various challenges always appear on TikTok. If you upload one of these challenge videos with the challenge name in the hashtag, then anyone who accesses this category will be able to watch your video. And if the challenge is trending, automatically, your video will also have countless views.

2. For You

It’s important to keep in mind that the For You page is the main page that introduces you to the latest creators on the platform and the videos you choose based on your previous options. If you are a regular user and post regularly, then one or even two of your videos may appear on the main page.

3. Use Other Social Media

If you use TikTok, then definitely use other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. If you want to get more views on TikTok, all you have to do is share content on TikTok and other platforms so that those who are already following you can access it.

4. Interaction Is Key

This is the simplest strategy that will help you increase your views. All you have to do is interact in the app. You need to regularly comment on other people’s videos, interact with your followers because this will make others visit your profile. And if you can, you could contact other users for different challenges and collaborate with them. This can bring you new followers.

5. Be Consistent

If you use this application, you have to be consistent. There are many videos, and your chances of the videos you post being viewed are very high. A constant activity will bring you a place on the For You page, which will attract many new visitors.


In conclusion, if you want to have many views, you must be, first and foremost, very creative and bold. You need to have the courage to post various challenges, so the best thing you can do is experiment with the videos you’ve always wanted to try.