Getting a haircut isn’t always an option, but that does not mean that you have to endure a messy head of hair. Cutting your own hair does take time and more skill than most people realize.

But it is possible to cut your own hair at home. If your hair is in need of a quick trim, you can take matters into your own hands.

Make sure you have the right tools because you could mess up if you don’t.

Getting Ready

Before we guide you on how to cut your hair, remember to take any videos on social media with a grain of salt. Those tutorials are meant to make cutting your own hair look easy. However, it isn’t as simple as they suggest.

You have to be really careful when it comes to cutting your own hair, even if you have cut someone else’s in the past. It’s not quite the same because you can’t see the same angles when cutting the hair.

Wet or Dry Hair?

This actually depends on what you prefer. However, professionals recommend cutting hair that is wet or damp. This will result in a smoother and sleeker look. It’s suggested that you go with dry hair for curls, layers, or waves – it will allow you to get a better idea of the finished look. 

If you’re planning to cut your hair in your favorite style, try to remember what your hairstylist did. Did they prefer wet or dry hair when cutting your hair?

The Right Tools

We do not recommend that you use your kitchen scissors. Salons use professional scissors for a reason. They are sharp and precise and will make cutting your hair much simpler and less prone to mistakes. Using a regular pair of scissors could leave you with split ends.

You may also need to have a double-edged comb that will help you section off your hair. Some clips to separate and keep the hair separated is also recommended. 

If you’re cutting short hair, a set of decent hair clippers will be ideal. 


We suggest you have someone that can help you cut your hair. It can be very tricky when you’re trying to cut your own hair using a mirror. Ask someone to help you cut things evenly, or help you see when you’ve cut enough.

If you really have to do it on your own, use lots of mirrors. Also, take breaks, step away, and look at your progress with fresh eyes.

Be extra careful if your hair is short and curly. It will be easier to spot mistakes in this kind of hair.

Although it looks cool in the movies, don’t just cut horizontally the way Mulan did it. Instead, hold the scissors straight up and down your hair’s length and cut a little bit at a time. Consider this, especially when you want to cut your bangs.

Cutting Your Hair

If you want to work with wet hair, wash, condition it, and towel dry. Have your scissors and comb or trimmer ready. Also, have an old towel or cape around your shoulders. To prevent a mess, throw newspaper beneath the chair and spread it to catch the hair you cut off.

Long Hair

If your hair is long, you’re going to want to divide and clip it into sections. Then, bring forward one section at a time to cut. Cut a little less than you think you should to prevent unfortunate accidents. Trim off the length of your hair and snip the ends.

Short Hair

You may want to have your hair damp if it’s short, and you want to cut some of it off. It is highly recommended that someone help you with this. Start at the sides and work around your head. Use a comb to guide the scissors and determine where it needs to be cut.

Using a clipper is much simpler, as you’ll see in this video.

Curly hair

Your curl type is what will influence how you want to trim your hair. If you have loose curls, you have to work with dry hair and trim it curl by curl and at an angle. If you have tighter curls, you should section your hair and gently detangle it. Use firm pressure, so you don’t mess up.


Cutting your own hair is a scary task if you’ve never done it before. But if you use the right tools and do it carefully, you’ll be just fine!