If you are looking for a solid credit card that’s going to give you a chance to build your credit score, the HSBC Mastercard is for you. The card gives you features like an extra one-year warranty on items you purchase on the card. So let’s say your TV comes with a one-year warranty, if you buy it on the card, they’ll give an extra year warranty on top of the one year.

Additionally, for an extra fee you can get travel and medical insurance to cover you for up to 17 days. There are any number of reasons why you might be looking for a credit card. Before you go on the hunt, and there are hundreds of options, you should get a clear idea of what you want out of the card. For example, if you want a card that’s going to give you rewards through a loyalty program – this card is not for you.

If one of the most important things to you is that there is no annual fee, then the HSBC Mastercard could go on your list of potential credit cards. Our editors have investigated this particular Mastercard for you. You can check out all of the details below before you make a yay or nay decision about this card.

What are the Benefits of the HSBC MasterCard Credit Card?

If you love travelling, then this Credit Card is a good choice. If you enroll in medical and travel insurance, you will be able to protect yourself from unforeseen emergencies of unlimited trips up to 17 days. This offer is available for just $69 annually.

If you love shopping but hate paying for extended warranties, the HSBC Mastercard can help. If you purchase anything using this Credit Card, you will receive double the manufacturer’s warranty of up to one full year for every purchase you make using this Credit Card.

Are you worried about the safety of your account? You can secure it with their Chip & PIN technology which will help you reduce the possibility of your MasterCard from being used by someone else.

This Credit Card makes shopping, even more, easier; you can use their contactless feature of tap & go feature, which will make your shopping stress-free.

What are the Fees and Charges of the HSBC Credit Card?

To fully enjoy the benefits that come with this Credit Card, it is always advisable to pay your Credit Card in full to avoid extra bank charges which might affect your credit score. Some of the typical rates include:

  • 19.9% of purchases and fees
  • 22.9% Cash Advances
  • 22.9% Balance transfer
  • 22.9% cheques
  • $0 annual fees
  • $29 over the credit limit
  • $69 travel and medical insurance
  • $25 dishonoured payment

If you are looking for a Credit Card which comes with zero annual fees and some other cool perks like the extended warranty and insurance, you might want to check this card out further. You can find out below if you are eligible and how you can apply if this card is ticking all the ight boxes for you. 

How to Apply for the HSBC Credit Card

For as long as you are eligible, it will take you a few minutes to complete the application process. To qualify, you must be a Canadian resident, and you must also be the age of the majority in your province of residence. You must also earn a minimum income.

To apply, head to the HSBC website, you will be required to login with your security device to complete the application process. If you have any queries, head to any branch near you and speak to the manager.

How to Contact 

Head office

885 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

V6C 3E9


Telephone: 1-888-310-4722

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.