Getting a loan has never been as easy as it is today. You can obtain a personal loan through a number of institutions today. As long as you have a monthly salary and a credit score, you are welcome to apply for this service.

Latitude Financial is one of the institutions that can offer you a personal loan based on these requirements. Another thing you get today, largely thanks to the internet, is the speed at which a loan is processed. You can get your loan decision in a matter of minutes.

Interest charged on your personal loan with Latitude is also quite manageable and you can easily do the math even before you apply for the loan. To learn about this, and much more, including how to apply for a personal loan with Latitude Financial, you should read on.

Benefits of a Latitude Personal Loan

You have already seen that most personal loans today come to users easily and largely thanks to the internet. Your credit can easily be requested through online measures, hence taking away the time that would have been used to search for your creditworthiness. Here are the other benefits of applying for a Latitude Personal Loan.

Easy Application

The good thing about taking a loan from Latitude is the easy application process you get. All you have to do is fill out the online form that will take you around 10 minutes to complete, and you’re good to go.

Straightforward Loans

The personal loan you get from Latitude is quite straightforward that there aren’t any hidden fees. You get a response in around 60 seconds, which is much better than most institutions out there.

Flexible Payment Options

Think of a flexible loan repayment plan when you think of a loan with Latitude. No pressure and you almost always decide in how many months you’ll be able to clear up the loan.

Fast Processing

The other thing you want that Latitude gives you when applying for a loan is the fast processing time. You apply in just 10 minutes; get a reply in well, under 2 minutes. That’s not all though, the money is deposited to your account in the next 48 hours at most.

In most cases, loans take a longer period of time to process, which takes away their importance when you’re in an emergency. With Latitude, that doesn’t happen, you have a quick process.

Eligibility & How to Apply

To apply for a loan with Latitude Institute, you need to be at least 18 years old. You need to also have displayed a good credit history for a period of not less than 5 years. Plus, you need to not have been bankrupt in the last 7 years.

You have to be an Australian resident to get a loan with Latitude. And you have to be permanently employed or at least have a regular source of income. Your source of income can be from your self-employed status. You have to prove all these, though – check the Latitude website to find out what documents are required.

You can easily begin the application process of getting your personal loan today through the Latitude website or mobile app. Use this link to begin your application and ensure you have the required documents at hand before you begin the process. You can get a loan limit from as much as $3,000.


There is an origination fee of $140 for loans that are under $5,000. Alternatively, there is a $250 origination fee for loans that are $5,000 or more. There is also a loan service fee of $13 per month.

The charges that you have to pay include interest, which is capped at 6.49% to 19.49% for secured loans and 7.99% to 19.99% for unsecured loans. Additionally, the loan period can range from one to seven years.

There is an early termination fee of $300 if you wish to pay off your loan in the first half of the term. However, you can pay off your loan anytime during the second half of your loan term at no cost. Additionally, there is a $35 fee for all late payments.

For other charges, you can visit the Latitude website and find out more.

Bank’s Contact Info & Address

You can get in touch with a rep from Latitude, for personal loan inquiries, through 1300 973 422. The number is active from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, weekdays only.

Additionally, their main address is  800 Collins St, Docklands, Victoria, 3008, Australia.

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With Latitude, you are assured to get a loan as soon as you apply for it as long as you meet the criteria set forth. With an easy online application and a variable APR that you can easily calculate, Latitude should be one of the first places you look to when looking to apply for a personal loan.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a loan. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.