T.V. antennas aren’t that expensive, but they can be built from home if you’re looking for a challenge. So, why would you even want to build an antenna at home? There are probably a dozen reasons why you would want to.

One reason why you would want to build an antenna at home is cost – you may not be able to buy the factory-built antenna. Whatever your case may be, it’s possible to build your own antenna.

In this article, we discuss how you can build your own antenna at home from what you can easily find around you. Read on to learn more.

How to Build a Digital TV Antenna at Home
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Paper Clips

When using paper clips to build your home-made antenna, you have to consider a number of factors. First: weather. If the weather is rough, it is unlikely that it will hold up.

Secondly, distance to the nearest transmitter will also play a role if this idea works or not. If all these check out then you can easily bud yourself an antenna with this simple stationery. All you need to do is unfold the clip until it is “L” shaped.

In the coaxial cable, plug the shorter end and have the cable connected to your T.V. The cable should be long enough to achieve rooftop level height for this work. The picture may be shaky a bit, but in general, this should be enough for a home-made antenna.

Coat Hanger

You need around 4 to maybe 8 metal coat hangers, depending on the complexity of the antenna you want to build. You then need other items, such as short-length wood, and some wire – the wire depends low big you want your antenna to be. 

Now, like the factory-made antennas, you need to have your wires lined up on the wood. Create so that it looks more of a ladder or a rack and you need to have one hanger connecting all the others on the wood. 

The wood’s main purpose is for stability and to have the hangers be in parallel order. You can have another piece of wood or grill to help support the antenna.

On the metal hanger that connects the others, connect your cable there and have the cable connected to your T.V. With this type of antenna, it should be stable enough for any space, but for best results, the antenna should be on the rooftop.

Fractal Antenna

You don’t have to use wires to make your own antenna as with this option here, all you need is a sheet of aluminum foil among other things. You also need glue or you can also use staples, clear and flexible plastic, and short wires.

Line up the sheet of plastic and have the foils attached to either side of the plastic. The foil can either be stapled on the plastic or glued. Make sure that either side, where the foils are placed line up – none should overlap the other.

Now, with the wires that you have, create the “legs” for the antenna. Now, to connect the coax cable, you need to have a balun converter, you can improvise on that, however. The converter should be connected to the antenna before you plug in the coaxial cable.

How to Build a Digital TV Antenna at Home
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There are a lot of do it yourself content out there, but most people don’t think it is possible when it comes to antennas. But, when the need arises and you need to be creative or just want to save on buying an antenna, this is how you can do it with items around you.