Whatsapp is one of the most convenient ways to send messages today. The good old fashion text message seems to have been left by the wayside after the introduction of more convenient messaging tools. Tools like Whatsapp and WeChat have overtaken your phone’s text system.   

What makes these apps loved by many around the world is that they give you the ability to communicate with no extra cost. For example, if you have a relative abroad, you don’t need to pay extra to text them – unlike with traditional text.  

With WhatsApp, since last summer, there has been the ability to send messages even when you’re offline. That had only been for Android users of WhatsApp, for iOS users the capability was launched in January. Up next we’re going to tell you how you can forward offline messages.  

Is it Possible?

It is quite possible to forward messages through WhatsApp when you’re offline. But not quite as literal as you may be thinking. You can forward the message, but it will only be delivered once you get back online.  

For example, if you were in the middle of a chat with someone then you suddenly have no connection while you are forwarding a message to them, what happens? With WhatsApp, all you have to do is click on the send button and you won’t lose the message. 

How It Works

It may seem like you can only forward a message when you’re on a chat. That isn’t the case; however, you can forward a message even when you’re not in the middle of a conversation. Just like you would have sent a message when you were offline that’s how it works with a fresh message. 

Go to the message you want to forward and then select who you want to forward it to. Once you’re done with the message, click on the send button. Your message will have the circular icon at the bottom of the message,

That icon shows that your message is cued up and isn’t delivered to the recipient of the text. It can help you when you think of a text, want to send it but you can’t because you’re offline. You can send your messages using this process on WhatsApp. 

Once you have an internet connection, your forwarded message will be delivered. Once the message is delivered, you’ll see two grey ticks. The grey ticks mean that the recipient of the text hasn’t read the text just yet, it is delivered though. 

Advantages of Forwarding Offline Messages on WhatsApp

There are some advantages that you can enjoy when you forward messages via WhatsApp while offline. You can forward and send messages whenever you need to without worrying about whether you’re online – like when you’re in the subway.  

The other advantage that you enjoy is that you’ll be able to send messages without having to go online and be visible to everyone. If you have ever communicated with someone through WhatsApp and they are never online, then you may be wondering how. 

This is likely how they remain stealth and still send you messages. What they do is reply to your text while they’re offline, then get internet connection later on. If you use this idea to send messages, you’ll never appear online but still be able to communicate when you want.  


You no longer have to delay forwarding work or personal messages if you happen to be somewhere that doesn’t have an internet connection. You can continue with business as usual and be confident your message will be delivered when you have a connection again.