Don’t allow yourself to get bored during this pandemic. If you have an Android phone, iPhone, a computer and reliable internet, then you may be interested in playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale video game that allows for people all over the world to play together. One of the fun features of PUBG is the ability to customize your player’s clothing.

In this article, we detail the types of clothes you can get in the game, how much they can cost, and different ways that you can get free clothing. Read on to learn more.

How to Get Free Clothes in PUBG Online
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Camouflage Outfits

The main intention of clothes in PUBG is to help you camouflage yourself. You want to hide away from your opponents as much as possible. The best way to do it is not to put on clothes that will make you stand out. Instead, dress up in a way that’ll match your surroundings.

To match Erangel greenery, an outfit to use is a padded jacket, grey combat pants, Hi-top trainers, a pioneer shirt or dirty tank-top, and leather fingerless gloves. 

Another outfit to use on Erangel is a ghillie suit that is only found in crates. Either one of these outfits should help you to blend well with the Erangel greenery.

Battle Points

Battle points are gained by your experiences in battle. You earn more battle points by how long you survive in a match. Remember that the more expensive crates will contain essential clothes. Therefore, if you need a rare item, then you’ll pay more battle points.

Daily Sign-Ins

Just like many free games, you earn bonuses by daily logging in. However, the rewards you get vary from time to time. These can add up, and you can use them to get battle points. 

Consequently, you will be able to trade them for the clothes of your choice. To maximize this, ensure you sign-in several days in a row and unlock more bonuses.

Complete Daily Missions

There are daily missions with different objectives, and each one you finish, you earn rewards. These rewards will add up to make battle points for you. The tasks include surviving for a certain period and getting a kill. When you complete any task, manually redeem your points.


Once you have got your outfit, you can go to your inventory and click on the accessories of your choice. Be careful not to choose accessories that will be heavy on you or make you stand out.

Also, select backpacks that will help you carry your weapons and other accessories. You can also drag and drop items to and from your inventory. If you need to use some weapons or accessories, you can drop them in the backpack from your inventory.

How to Pick Clothes

How to Get Free Clothes in PUBG Online
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When you walk to the crate, very quickly drag the clothes you need from it. Don’t spend more than 3 seconds doing this as you risk being killed. Also, avoid bending and looking since it will attract the attention of your opponents.

Some of the items that you may need are helmets, vests, and boots. Helmets will protect your head and won’t provide extra capacity. In case you find you picked heavy clothes, drop them, so your backpack remains with light and essential garments.

Remember to share some of your items with your teammates. As a team, you need to work together and help anyone in need. You also earn points as a team when you work together.


Don’t be tempted to get the most outstanding and bright clothes. These will make you stand out and hence be visible to your opponents. Instead, pick outfits that will help you hide and camouflage yourself. Gather as many battle points as possible to get the clothes that will protect you.