With video games, like PUBG, you have no excuse for boredom. If you are one person intrigued by battle games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be something to consider.

PUBG is a hugely popular online multiplayer battle royale video game that has players from all over the world. PUBG is also a fun video game that offers lots of bonuses that can be earned.

In this article, we detail ways that you can get silver fragments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Read on to learn more about silver fragments.

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in PUBG
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Opening crates

Opening crates is one of the easiest ways you can get free silver fragments in PUBG. The game has got three significant forms of crates available. They are premium, classic, and supply crates.

Players are allowed to gather scrap coupons for the crates and add them together to create a crate coupon. When players open these crates, they can get about 100 silver fragments.

Reaching Higher Tiers

During the end of the season, PUBG rewards the players with silver fragments. The number depends on the tier you achieve in the season. Players that reach the conqueror tier can have a maximum of 2000 silver fragments. 

Here is a list of tier levels and a number of fragments that each gets in their descending order. The conqueror tier qualifies for 2000 silver fragments, the ace tier qualifies for 1600 silver fragments, the crown tier qualifies for 1300 silver fragments, and the diamond tier qualifies for 1000 silver fragments.

Other tiers and their respective silver fragments include: the platinum tier qualifies for 800 silver fragments, the gold tier qualifies for 600 silver fragments, the silver tier qualifies for 400 silver fragments, and the bronze tier qualifies for 200 silver fragments.

Purchasing With Battle Points

You can gain battle points by outlasting the other 99 opponents in a match. That means you have to kill more people while you survive the other player’s shots. You can achieve this by putting on camouflage clothes so that the enemy doesn’t see you. 

This way, you can defeat more players, while you survive their shots because they can’t easily see you. In the end, you are awarded battle points that you can use to get silver fragments.

Also, you can get more battle points by daily sign-ins into the game. Daily logins reset everyday. So endeavor to do it every day and increase your battle points. During the daily logins, you can also participate in missions and tasks. 

They include achieving a number of kills, playing a certain number of games, and using a specific weapon, among others. You also don’t have to win a match to get battle points. You just have to complete a mission, and you can gain battle points.

Other Ways to Get Silver Fragments

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in PUBG
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After players have gathered enough battle points, they can go to the in-game shop where they can purchase silver fragments by using battle points. In a day, you can buy 25 silver fragments worth 5000 battle points

You can use the purchased silver fragments to buy weapon skins and permanent outfits that will help you on the battlefield. You can also dismantle items or clothing in order to gain silver fragments. When you open a crate, you may gain an item, and convert it to silver fragments.


There are various ways you can acquire battle points and silver fragments. For instance, participate in surveys, complete missions and participate in games. Also, learn the tactics of winning the game where you earn more bonuses after beating all your enemies.