Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free to play, and it is easy to master. Like any other game, you need to practice and master the strategies to help you level up and win. You’ll need to practice with grenades, different guns, and other equipment.

Every match pits two teams of counter-terrorists and terrorists against each other. Each side has varying objectives that depend on the map. 

You’ll need to acquire CS:GO skins that will help you camouflage yourself from your enemies. There are various ways you can use to acquire them. Let’s look at ways you can use to get these free CS:GO skins. Continue reading to learn more about these different methods.

How to Get Free Skins In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Register on Idle-Empire

You don’t need money to register with Idle-Empire. It’s even easier to register using your existing social media accounts. This site supports authentication through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, and Discord. If you prefer to sign up using your email address, that is an option as well.

Earn Points

After registering your account with Idle-Empire, you are eligible to start earning points. You can earn points through paid surveys, watching videos playing games, or testing software. 

Endeavor to check them out and pick what suits you. When these points accumulate, use them to buy skins that you need to change your character’s look.

Play the Game

The easiest way to get CS:GO skins is to play the game. You have to play with at least another player as opposed to computers. The more games you play, you’ll get free weekly drops of these CS:GO skins. 

You can get up to 4 weekly drops of the skins out of which one moves your rank higher. The three remaining ones will be given to you as you play, and they come in the form of cases. 

The twist to these cases is that you need to buy a key to open the crates. But again, these cases contain some of the very rare and valuable skins.


Another way to win these skins is to participate in giveaways. These lotteries are prepared by CS:GO YouTubers, streamers, and other related websites. 

Sometimes pro-gaming CS:GO teams organize these lotteries to increase their popularity. All you need is to enter the lottery either with your social media account or steam account. You can also use your email address.

You can also search for organic and small giveaways through social media platforms, like Twitter. You are likely to find several accounts that are giving away free skins in the lottery. Participate, and you can acquire a costume for your character.

Offer Walls

How to Get Free Skins In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Over time, websites that are offering gifts for various tasks have become popular. However, be careful not to subscribe to a hacked website that can lead to your account closure. These websites are also called offer walls. 

They will list several missions for you to accomplish. Usually, they are easy, like visiting a certain website and providing your email address in the newsletter. The difficult ones might ask you to download and play a video game, and they may give you free skins when you complete it.


It would be best if you had CS:GO skins to add flavor to your character, and your game. These skins don’t have any value other than cosmetic purposes. It’s boring to play in the same outfit, so, consider signing up with Idle-Empire and earn skins. Also, search for lotteries on social media that are giving out free skins.