If you love battle royale video games, then Fortnite might be the game for you. Fortnite is a popular video game that has taken the world by charge.

Like any game, you need to learn the tricks to help you win. But, if you are bored or tired of one outfit, then why not change into another skin? 

These you can either purchase using money, or you can get them for free. If you want to save a dollar and get skins, then read on to see how you can get them for free.

How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite Battle Royale
Image Source: Epic Games Store

Register on Idle-Empire

The first thing you need to do is register with Idle-Empire. You don’t need additional registration, but rather just sign up on the platform. 

You can use the platform’s current social media accounts. The platform supports authentication through Facebook, Google, Discord, Twitter, and Steam. 

The next step is to start earning points. You can do this in a variety of ways, like playing the game, answering paid surveys, watching videos, and testing software.

Answer Paid Surveys

These come from advertisers that have collaborated with the gaming company to host their surveys. In return, they give incentives for the surveys. These include money, skins, points, and other rewards. 

Every survey you answer, you get its corresponding bonus. The more surveys you answer, then the more prizes for you.

Offer Walls

These are Idle-Empire partners who give out rewards, points, and skins to have you check out their websites, services, and products. 

When you receive a gift, they are hoping that you can give them your email address in their newsletter. Better still, they are hoping you can enter a paid subscription with them.

Watch Videos

Idle-Empire partners use this opportunity to advertise their products. Therefore, when you are watching a video, an ad may pop up. 

As an incentive, when you watch these videos, you receive skins, rewards, gift cards, and points. The more videos you watch, the more points add, and you can redeem them later.


Sometimes Idle-Empire will give out offers to their subscribers. These offers can be anything from points, gift cards, cryptocurrencies, v-bucks, and skins. 

Be on the lookout for these offers so that you don’t miss out on these goodies. Sometimes they can ask you to complete a certain task or other times it’s more like a lottery.


How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite Battle Royale
Image Source: Epic Games Store

With this, you allow your computer to mine cryptocurrency for Idle-Empire. You let your computer perform mathematical calculations to find the correct piece of the puzzle. 

In exchange, they give you rewards that depend on your Graphics card (GPU) or CPU processor. You choose which one you’ll use to mine.

To begin the mining process, you’ll download Idle-Empire miner. Then, you’ll configure the mining client. Find details of how to configure the mining client and how to calculate your points on their site.

After configuring, save the settings and start earning points. You will connect to the miner tab and press “start miner”. There are various ways you can earn points, which can then be converted to skins. Isn’t it cool to sometimes play while wearing a cool outfit? 


If you need skins, you’ll need to first sign up with Idle-Empire. Then, follow their earning point’s suggestions. They include playing the game, watching videos, wall offers, and others. 

Fortnite is a great battle royale game that will captivate, and will keep you coming for more awesome gaming. Now you can enjoy Fortnite with those shiny outfits. Download Fortnite now to start earning skins!