The world today is challenging enough, and if you decide to indulge away in a mobile game, it had better be easy and stress-free. Clash Royale is that game that won’t have you scratching your head wondering how to play the next move. 

You can learn some tricks from other opponents that you can apply to your next match. Its premise is straightforward for anyone to play.

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy video game. One important feature of Clash Royale are gems. Read on to learn more about different methods of obtaining gems in the game.

How to Get More Gems in Clash Royale
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About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is about taking down towers, and you can get points by taking down a king, which will also make you an instant winner. So either way, you win something. The game rewards your hard work by giving you new cards. Just like any other game, you must have an excellent strategy to win. 


Gems are the Clash Royale’s currency that you can use to speed up the unlocking of chests or buy gold. When you download the game the first time, you automatically get 100 gems. 

You’ll get more by opening crown chests or opening free ones. Also, when you complete quests using special challenges, you earn more gems. When you play clan wars, you can also earn more gems.

Purchasing Gems

If you don’t feel like playing Clash Royale often, and you want to get gems immediately, you have the option to purchase gems with real money in USD. Here are some real-world purchase options: a “Fistful of Gems” is $0.99 for 80 gems, a “Pouch of Gems” is $4.99 for 500 gems.

A “Bucket of Gems” is $9.99 for 1200 gems, a “Barrel of Gems” $19.99 for 2500 gems, a “Wagon of Gems” is $49.99 for 6500 gems, and a “Mountain of Gems” is $99.99 for 14000 gems.

Obtaining Free Gems

You can get gems as a reward or trophy, like a reward of 2900 gems or 900 trophies. Also, you can get gems as a seasonal reward of 6150 gems or 5225 trophies. When you complete quests, you can earn gems. 

2Quests are a Clash Royale feature in which players have to complete in-game tasks. Every task you complete, you receive 90 gems. As a player, you are entitled to a maximum of 3 quests at any given time. Occasionally, you will get some free gems in the shop as a daily deal.

You can win gems as a one-time reward in special event challenges that will show up on your tournament tab. They are related to grand victory and classic challenges, and they have conditions that govern them. 

For instance, if it’s your first time to participate in the challenge, you have to hit a certain win-count to be rewarded. If the challenge ends and you haven’t reached the number of wins or losses, you are awarded for your current victories.

How to Get More Gems in Clash Royale
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Importance of Gems

Gems are important in Clash Royale because you will use gems to buy cards, gold, chests and Emotes, which all help to keep you in the game. Gems will also help you join challenges and start tournaments. 

Another good thing about gems is that they enable you to reroll quests for more than once every day. Each reroll will cost you ten gems. Gems can also help you skip opening quests, so you can get further into the game.


Clash Royale is an exciting game that has the potential of being a good time, and it’s easy to learn and play. Trophies and chests are given when you need them, and you can get gems for new cards, or to unlock quests, or to join challenges.