DuckDuckGo is a famous internet privacy company that has been around now for more than a decade. The company empowers you to take control of your data online with no tradeoffs. They also provide search engine capabilities and promise that they do not track you.

One of the greatest fears for internet users is the lack of privacy while doing their work online, especially when it comes to financial and other private data. There have been many cases of data being accessed and stolen by hackers online.

As such, any company that claims to help protect you comes highly recommended. Read on to learn more about DuckDuckGo and how it will protect your data.

How to Protect Data with DuckDuckGO - Learn Here
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Data Protection

Have you ever felt that the efforts you take to secure your data online all fall short? If you’re anything like me, then you are probably skeptical, at best, of the way that internet servers handle your personal information, and you are probably wary of hackers online. 

And true enough, you have a right to be. The internet is full of people with intentions to steal your data and take advantage of your online vulnerability, and it is for this reason that you should consider setting up protection on your devices. With DuckDuckGo, you are in good hands.

How DuckDuckGo Protects Your Data

They block and expose tracker networks that are watching you. A vast majority of websites usually contain hidden tracker networks. These trackers are usually lurking behind computer screens, and they are scattered all over the world. 

They soak up your information and then they follow you with lots of ads and study your browsing behavior. This means that whenever you visit a site, it is most likely that you can be seen by others. All of this personal data can then be collected and used against you.

DuckDuckGo enables you to browse any site you wish, without storing or sharing your data. They have specific privacy essential blocks that ward away these third-party trackers. 

Increasing Encryption Protection

Historically, all sites do offer an encryption system, and this protects you from eavesdroppers, such as IPS that lurk around you, to grab your personal information as it is traveling over the internet. 

However, this is not always reliable, and DuckDuckGo has been evaluating each website online, especially those that have millions of views, and trying to offer a more solid encrypted version that is able to give you security.

Privacy Grades

Now, for each website you visit, DuckDuckGo calculates the privacy grade. This takes into account the number of tracker networks that are found within the site and how severe they are. They also calculate the grade after your privacy protection has already been applied.

This is a great feature, as it helps you understand how secure your data is whenever you are on that specific site. 

Private Searches

Their app has an extension that allows you to search privately. This means that you can share your most private personal information on the search engine without fear of it being accessed by anyone else online.

This information includes your medical and financial data or even political questions. Whatever else you search online, you are safe knowing that no one else can ever track you. 

Simplified Privacy

How to Protect Data with DuckDuckGO - Learn Here

The company offers plenty of privacy tools, and they come highly recommended. Each tool has some drawbacks, but it is designed to help you out. Here are some drawbacks you are likely to find with these privacy tools.

  • Some of them do not cover all of the necessary components
  • They are not all available on all the major browsing devices
  • Some are not seamless and contain some breaks
  • They are not comprehensive enough


There have been some misconceptions about privacy online, such as believing that putting your computer on Incognito mode or the Do Not Track mode keeps you safe, but sadly that is not true, and this will lead you to vulnerability.

As an internet user, and one who probably deals with lots of private data online, it is wise if you take extra steps to protect yourself and your data. Make sure to consider downloading DuckDuckGo if you are interested in protecting your data.