If you are someone looking for a way to earn extra income, a busy mother, college student, or stay home father, below is a guideline on the opportunities to consider. Working at home is among the top careers people are involved in since the startup capital is less as compared to other businesses. The critical requirement is the internet and a laptop or computer.

After searching through the Internet, you will discover that various opportunities for online or at-home work are a scam. Their companies charge a fee, and after working for them, you find out they have been cheating you and denying your pay. Research and have extensive information on legitimate working opportunities before jumping into any new online opportunity.

After extensive research, below are ways you will find that will earn you a rewarding pay as compared to the time you invested. Consider the time factor and the reliability of the business before starting to work at home. The best paying business opportunities for you to consider while working at home include the following.

Work at Home

1. Online Blogging

This job is reliable and earns you a few bucks. The startup fee is approximately $2.94 a month. Online blogging requires you to be a creative thinker and bring out new ideas to people. Chose topics that compliment your skills and interests, such as travel, health, cooking, personal financing, and technology. Research to have a wide range of information to use for your blogs. Search for online tutorials on how to start blogging and earn money online.

Many pros accrue from online blogging, including the following.

  • It helps you make new friends and connections.
  • It’s rewarding and fascinating.
  • It’s a source of information.
  • It saves you on taxes.

2. Surveys

The online survey realm can earn you up to $250 a month. It entails research on given topics, as well as tests that you handle at your home, even while watching television. There are several online websites offering survey jobs at good pay. They do not ask for any compensation; instead, you will receive gift vouchers, free products, prize drawings, and extra cash. 

The free signup websites include the following.

  • Swagbucks
  • Pinecone Research
  • OneOpinion
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Survey Junkie

Sign up on these websites to receive instructions and guidelines on how to handle your survey work.

3. Freelancing

This work will increase your income each day. It entails writing articles for clients as per their instructions and getting paid for each item. Freelance websites include Upwork, where clients upload the guidelines to be followed in various fields.

After writing for various clients and creating reputations, they can decide to hire you directly and increase your pay. Freelancing can become a full-time job if you are passionate about it and give it your best effort and time-dedication. Other websites include Freelancer.com, Demand Media, and Fiverr, where you can pick projects and the payment level you want to work at.

4. Tutoring

You can provide online tutoring classes from the comfort of your own home. You have the privilege to select a schedule and make your terms of work. Chegg tutor’s website also allows you to share your skills and knowledge online through tutoring. Using your SAT knowledge, you can earn a lot of money. Online tutors make about $20 per hour.


Working within the comfort of your home requires passion and research to seek information and an ability to avoid falling for scams. Good luck in this field! For more information on making money, click here.